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Synonyms for indistinctive

without definite or distinctive characteristics

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Because of this indistinctiveness, generalizations about education partnerships have had limited value.
The resulting elusiveness and indistinctiveness of androgyny have puzzled philosophers and scholars, inviting all kinds of speculation, as in Plato for example, who referred to androgyny as a separate, third gender, superior to the main two (190b).
The indistinctiveness between the Israeli and the Diaspora Jew emerges in Kaniuk's later novel, The Last Jew (1981).
A smoke that denotes confusion, vagueness, indistinctiveness, and elusiveness, and that reflects the emotional state of the schism's witnesses.
Possibly due to this indistinctiveness they didn't expect significant effects.
32) The indistinctiveness of the universal and the particular which is realized in that way constitutes the representation of the absolute within the finite.