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without definite or distinctive characteristics

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Since one kind of identification smuggles itself into the unconscious zone of the other, this indistinctive zone haunts, disturbs, and contaminates the respective identification's autonomy and distinction.
The tumor consisted of spindle cells with tapering nuclei and indistinctive eosinophilic cytoplasm (Figure 3(b)).
However the diagnosis is much more complicated especially when the differentiation is indistinctive and when tumors present bilaterally and immunostaining should be employed [4].
However, only a few studies have been conducted using CEUS to determine the enhancement pattern of those atypical or indistinctive lesions on BMUS.
Hoping to do something "constructive" for Beirut, he stopped tagging the walls with an indistinctive graffiti scrawl and began creating his now-famous calligraphy-infused murals in the hope of reminding Lebanon of its cultural past.
However, given that Mr Peter "Grand Pooh-Bah of British Politics" Mandelson expressed the view that he was "intensely relaxed at people becoming filthy rich", a view somewhat indistinctive to the Conservative Party, perhaps a key objective for the Labour Party is to replace the NuLab Tory-Lite contingent with credible and competent Labour politicians, who will put the interest of the Labour Party and the UK first and foremost.
Localizability-aided localization [LAL] with Indistinctive Approach:
Despite the ideological differences, which to me, frankly, are rather indistinctive, all the traditional parties in Lithuania tend to be centre-oriented on most economic issues.
registered, are or have become indistinctive. (76) Those changes as well
Both Thailand ("Kitchen of the world") and Malaysia ("Malaysia kitchen for the world") use the words kitchen and world in their slogans, which may make them indistinctive. Given that Thai food has wider influence in the world than Malaysian food, it is possible that the Malaysia campaign purposefully made this choice to associate Malaysian cuisine with Thai food's influence.
Although the different land-use changes among the three experiments are indistinctive, we can find some key points by focusing on the land-use composition constraints.
Nor will high density, indistinctive housing, poorly served by basic amenities, do anything to sustain Cardiff's appeal as a place to live in the future."