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Frankl's pedagogy in the dimension of the purpose of education leads to finding in oneself a purpose, which has a pillar indicated in author's understanding of tanatopedagogics, a dignity and the indisputability of life at its core.
In particular, they stressed the indisputability of mathematical procedures as an example and a model of immediate evidence, which demanded immediate consensus regardless of values and opinions.
It renders inappropriate any limitation in the form of indisputability, any formal requirements of notice other than those already inherent in affording opportunity to hear and be heard and exchanging briefs, and any requirement of formal findings at any level.
Democracy and Dialogue against Minarets: Translation and the Construction of Political Indisputability in Europe.
It signals seriousness, commitment, indisputability, presentness and reality.
85) The requirement of indisputability "has been called 'the central prerequisite' and 'the key' to proper application of the Rule.
Today, the door of History, Indisputability and Immortality opens wide.
2 (with regard to judicial notice of legislative facts, a court 'may employ whatever facts [it] reasonably believe [s], without any requirements of indisputability or of opportunity of parties to be heard concerning such beliefs') .
Without any further elaboration, and to drive home the indisputability of this first truth, Mullins simply stated: "No cloud, no shadow of human authority, should come between the soul and its God.
Such personal traits not only inspired fear in others, but also conferred a sense of indisputability and solemnity in her words.
Indeed, by using a word that connotes indisputability (thawabit), the Constitution suggests that laws may only be stricken when their interference with Islam is crystal clear.
Images pack a powerful wallop and and an air of indisputability that mere language can't match.