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Synonyms for indisposition

the state of not being disposed or inclined

a minor illness, especially one of a temporary nature

the condition of being sick

Synonyms for indisposition

a slight illness

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KARACHI -- 'Arundhati Roy could not make it to the book fair due to some indisposition.
He did not appear sick--and his indisposition, I fear, gave a strange impression.
Diana Damrau andVittorio Grigolo, both battling indisposition and neither textbook-smooth of vocal emission, were an ideally committed and compelling romantic pair--the finest duo I've seen since Freni and Corelli, back when I was no older than Romeo and Juliet.
The main defendant was not questioned in view of his health condition after one of his lawyers said that he suffered indisposition.
A tweet from the Savoy Theatre said: "Due to the indisposition of Sheridan Smith the role of Fanny Brice will be played by Natasha J Barnes at tonight's performance of Funny Girl.
A tweet from the Savoy Theatre said: "Due to the indisposition of Sheridan Smith, the role of Fanny Brice will be played by Natasha J Barnes.
The next section evaluates the primary sense of hiddenness by considering Pascal's response to the objection that divine goodness requires and divine power makes possible God's provision of evidence sufficient to overcome human volitional indisposition.
The company's documentation explains there are no issues with illness, hoarseness or temporary indisposition.
For the same reason, one should stop singing entirely during indisposition, and allow the vocal organ to rest.
FROM BACK PAGE Jordan Willis, who has lost his rightback slot to Matthew Pennington, could slot into the centre-back vacancy created by Martin's indisposition but Pressley has a bigger headache replacing Madine who has become an integral part of City's attacking game.
Disappointing though it was to lose an Andris Nelsons' concert through indisposition in this, his precious final season with the CBSO, it was wonderful to welcome back his stand-in, a conductor who has been such a good friend to the orchestra over many decades since long before Symphony Hall days - Walter Weller.
One may claim sudden indisposition without specifying that the indisposition came on at the prospect of home theatricals.
To be fair, because of the late indisposition of Daragh O'Malley, the pivotal role of Big Daddy, the earthy patriarch roaring his claim on life, had to be read by the director, James Dacre (whatever happened to understudies?
And in June, Francis has cancelled three appointments for the month, with the Vatican explaining that the cancellations were caused by "minor sudden indisposition.
In fact it was downright strange that he had been languishing for so many days, that he had not attempted to define his indisposition.