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Synonyms for indisposed

Synonyms for indisposed

affected or tending to be affected with minor health problems

not inclined or willing to do or undertake

Synonyms for indisposed

somewhat ill or prone to illness

(usually followed by 'to') strongly opposed

References in classic literature ?
A brief colloquy between them is going on; the young man seems to be preferring some request which the elder one is indisposed to grant.
Dan King felt somewhat indisposed the day after Christmas-- probably as the result of too much mince pie.
was indisposed yesterday, but seems to be enjoying his usual health to-day.
Wilson soon arrived, and, indisposed for business as I was at that moment, and little as I cared for the field or its owner, I forced my attention to the matter in hand, with very creditable determination, and quickly concluded the bargain - perhaps more to the thrifty farmer's satisfaction than he cared to acknowledge.
Mr Allworthy had been for some days indisposed with a cold, which had been attended with a little fever.
If your conscience," says the man with the nose, "is indisposed toward foreign idioms ye might, to please yourself, smuggle the letter into the penultimate syllable.
My sister-in-law is also, I regret to say, indisposed.
Princess Betsy begged her to excuse her not having come to say good-bye; she had been indisposed, but begged Anna to come to her between half-past six and nine o'clock.
I am indisposed to matrimony in general, and more especially to all admixture of the varieties of species, which only tend to tarnish the beauty and to interrupt the harmony of nature.
His simple mind had not been able to embrace the reasons why one people should thus assume a superiority over the possessions of another, and it will readily be perceived, that at the hint just received from the trapper, he was not indisposed to fancy that some of the hidden subtilty of that magical influence, of which he was so firm a believer, was about to be practised by the unsuspecting subject of their conversation, in furtherance of these mysterious claims.
The good-natured locksmith was still patting her on the back and applying such gentle restoratives, when a message arrived from Mrs Varden, making known to all whom it might concern, that she felt too much indisposed to rise after her great agitation and anxiety of the previous night; and therefore desired to be immediately accommodated with the little black teapot of strong mixed tea, a couple of rounds of buttered toast, a middling-sized dish of beef and ham cut thin, and the Protestant Manual in two volumes post octavo.
Now, what am I to think,' said the single gentleman, sternly regarding him, 'of you, who, plainly indisposed to give me any information then--nay, obviously holding back, and sheltering yourself with all kinds of cunning, trickery, and evasion--are dogging my footsteps now?
In the case pertaining to encroachments in urban areas of Islamabad, S A Rehman counsel for CDA could not appear before court being indisposed.
Lord Burton, being indisposed, was unable to attend, but Lady Burton indignantly called upon Burtonians to act as Englishmen and redeem their character by giving the candidate a fair hearing.
It seems highly improbable that his sister Kim Yo-jong is in charge, though if he were indisposed it is possible.