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Synonyms for indiscretion

Synonyms for indiscretion

the trait of being injudicious

a petty misdeed

References in classic literature ?
"I find," he said, as they lit their cigarettes, "that I committed an indiscretion the other day at Camperdown House!"
The more he felt himself in danger the more anxious he became for an irremovable position; yet he was compelled to play low; one moment's indiscretion, and he might lose everything.
Saillard was a ministerial henchman absolutely incapable of indiscretion; even if the minister had known that he had overheard a secret he had only to whisper "motus" in his ear to be sure it was perfectly safe.
We left the adverse bands watching one another on the opposite banks of the stream, each endeavouring to excite its enemy to some act of indiscretion, by the most reproachful taunts and revilings.
But the more reckless braves of the band were guilty of an indiscretion, that entirely changed the fortunes of the fight, and suddenly stripped them of their hard-earned advantages.
If he had given me such a bold hard stare, that was but a part of his indiscretion. The good thing, after all, was that we should surely see no more of him.
How could he forget that in his Island days, Queequeg, for one, must certainly have been guilty of some murderous, convivial indiscretions. Alas!
THE boys in blue were some what red-faced to have to point out a little fashion indiscretion at the new Drome Boutique this week.
It was Oster's second indiscretion since joining Leeds initially on a one-month loan in November.
Berwick Rangers paid a heavy price for a moment of indiscretion.
Lincoln had threatened to level with efforts from Yeo and Scott Willis until the former's indiscretion.
They are both serious comedies about manners, and they both revolve around an affair and an indiscretion. But there's more to it than that.
Now following his latest savage indiscretion against Frenchman Christophe Dugarry I must take umbrage again.
He said: 'Ted Francis told me that he was providing a false alibi for Lord Archer because he was requested to do so to cover-up an extra-marital indiscretion.
Swiss artist Thomas Hirschhorn committed the indiscretion of juxtaposing the logos of multinational corporations such as American Express, Maggi, and l'Oreal, with photographs of refugee camps in ex-Yugoslavia.