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not divided or divisible into parts

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The natural resources of conventional energy gradually become scarce and expensive because of the indiscrete consumption as well as the increasing demand.
Why, on my way from my place of work to my parked car, a walk of 50 yards, the other evening at 7.30pm, I had to negotiate only three small lakes of vomit, two brawls and several acts of indiscrete passion.
I think athletes are feeling a bit off guard and perhaps more indiscrete when they are tweeting."
"Who in their right mind would want to be seen as an untrustworthy, indiscrete employee?"
Not a man to be indiscrete, I'll wager that over the years David has witnessed some of our local bon viveurs in their pomp and not so pomp and never said a word.
He was, and was to remain, engaging, funny, honest, wonderfully indiscrete once you had his trust, cheeky, suggestive and simply brilliant company.
These curious, almost indiscrete, speculations could formerly have had an interest; perhaps they are now rather an obstacle than an aid for faith." (75) Rationalism particularly infected historical scholars, and here, too, Loisy laid the blame at the feet of theology.
As he had been doing when I present[ed] the grievance[.] I told him if he met me outside I would change the expression on his face." For this indiscrete remark, the union representative received a one-week disciplinary layoff.
(40) The Supreme Court reversed the Court of Appeals decision finding that Darrow should be held personally liable for the indiscrete actions of Kulp and Johnson.
Shea, right, was regarded as a good spin doctor but has had a reputation for making indiscrete remarks about the royals since leaving their employ.
Smith and Hume in the eighteenth century thought it impossible or unprogressive to separate need from desire, and saluted the emergence of an "indiscrete" desire based on social emulation rather than practical want as a key mechanism
That the Amerasian exists as an indiscrete and unclassifiable subject, challenging constructions of "purity" and fixed "difference," has been the bane of dominant discourses that rest on a "logic" of incontrovertible separation between "Self" (Colonizer) and "Other" (Colonized).
spent most of the time rebuffing her for conduct he termed "indiscrete" in arranging
(i) If [L.sub.R](X) = [phi] and [U.sub.R](X) = U, then [[tau].sub.R](X) = {U, [phi]}, is the indiscrete nano topology on U.