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These guidelines are derived from analysis of various approaches to dispositions, as described in the teacher education literature and observed in practice: (a) defining dispositions with moral coherence; (b) defining dispositions with moral dimensions and noble ends; (c) assessing dispositions with development; (d) assessing dispositions with indiscreteness; (e) developing dispositions with indiscreetness; and (f) developing dispositions with self-assessment.
The next, and related, guideline is that of developing dispositions with indiscreetness. In my experience in teacher education, when we treat dispositions with discreteness, in isolation, we also often tend to treat them with discreetness by giving overly careful and circumspect feedback to teacher candidates in an effort to avoid giving offense.
Effective assessment of dispositions must be done transparently, openly, and directly (with indiscreetness), in the same way that method and skill are assessed, and in conjunction with method and skill as well as practice (with indiscreteness).