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medical instrument for examining the retina of the eye

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Solid State green laser of 532nm wavelength (Oculight TX, Iridex, USA)was applied with indirect ophthalmoscope to the lesions located at the posterior pole.
Detailed ophthalmic examination was performed with indirect ophthalmoscope followed by various tests like Schirmer tear test and Fluorescent dye test, Antibiotic Sensitivity Test (ABST).
Therefore, Namibia Breweries is happy to sponsor a new indirect ophthalmoscope to assist doctors in the examination of retinas in patients, thereby enabling them to make a more accurate diagnosis and enhance the lives of many Namibians.
Initial fundus examination using an indirect ophthalmoscope revealed bilateral normal optic disks and multiple intra-retinal hemorrhages scattered in the central retina.
Their preoperative visual acuity on Snellen chart, anterior segment examination, Intraocular Pressure (IOP) by GAT (Goldmann Applanation tonometry), dilated fundus examination with indirect ophthalmoscope with peripheral indentation to rule out peripheral retinal breaks or retinal degenerations.
and clinical assessment of visual functions by reflexes like menace, pupillary light, 4th purkinje and tapetal, different tests like fluorescein staining, schirmer's tear test, tonometry, complete ophthalmic examination with hand-held slit-lamp biomicroscope and binocular indirect ophthalmoscope with 20 D lens under pharma-cologic mydriasis with topical 1% Tropicamide ophthalmic solution and B-mode ultrasonographic examination in appropriate cases.
Contract Awarded for:Supply of indirect ophthalmoscope
Posterior segment evaluation was done after dilating with tropicamide- phenylephrine eye drops using indirect ophthalmoscope (Keeler), 90D panfundoscopy lens and goldmann 3 mirror examinations.
The company is offering price reductions on the Vantage Plus LED and Vantage Plus LED Digital Binocular Indirect Ophthalmoscope, and the company is offering a free case and a Volk 20D lens with every Spectra Plus Binocular Indirect Ophthalmoscope sold.
Tenders are invited for supply of Indirect ophthalmoscope.
RESULTS: In this study 100 eyes with mature cataract with inability to see beyond lens by direct or indirect ophthalmoscope were investigated with B-Scan ultrasound.
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