indirect fire

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fire delivered on a target that is not itself used as the point of aim for the weapons

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It can be breech loaded or muzzle loaded while vehicle mounted and used in a direct or indirect fire mode, or ground mounted and used in the traditional fashion.
11C10-OSUT (ST), Phase 2; Indirect Fire Infantryman
After a significant number of indirect fire attacks of varied increased and decreased distances the enemy found the optimal firing distance.
Nielson, 27, of Jefferson, Iowa, died June 29, in Badrah, Iraq, of wounds suffered when enemy forces attacked his unit with indirect fire," it said in a statement, without providing further details.
Lieutenant Colonel Tim Purbrick said: "The unit came under attack by rifle, rocket-propelled grenade and indirect fire from insurgents, during which the soldier was fatally wounded.
A gunfight is: I shoot, they shoot, we all shoot, creating direct and indirect fire and all the accompanying fragmentation.
Some of these sites had come under indirect fire attacks during the past couple of months, namely the gas plant and the al-Shaabiya oil refinery.
He is also a key member of our Post-Attack Reconnaissance team where he vigilantly surveys the cargo grid yard after indirect fire and Alarm Red attacks to ensure the work area is safe for cargo, equipment, and personnel.
Every day the piercing sound of the Indirect Fire Alarm pierced the air at the British army base leaving soldiers on edge and more than a little nervy.
After the larger 81mm mortars were phased out of the infantry and allocated to artillery regiments in the late 1990s, the 60mms became the only indirect fire weapons left in the infantry arsenal.
A coalition convoy on a routine patrol came under sustained attack from machine guns and indirect fire from a number of houses adjacent to the road in Bakwa district of Farah Province on Wednesday, the U.
The M1200 Armored Knight is an ASV equipped with a sensor package used to locate and designate targets for indirect fire and laser-guided weapons.
There was an indirect fire incident that killed three coalition force service members and wounded two," Lieutenant Michael Street said.
Mr Short said Maj Harding appeared to have gone to the sangar in a bid to find the source of repeated indirect fire (IDF) attacks on the compound.
He said: "The tragic loss of these three servicemen was a result of an indirect fire attack from road militia firing at the Contingency Operating Base.