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Synonyms for indigo

a blue dye obtained from plants or made synthetically

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deciduous subshrub of southeastern Asia having pinnate leaves and clusters of red or purple flowers

a blue-violet color

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having a color between blue and violet

References in classic literature ?
After tobacco, indigo came next in value; then capsicum, old clothes, and gunpowder.
Tackleton knew that, although reduced in purse, it had some pretensions to gentility; and if certain circumstances, not wholly unconnected, she would go so far as to say, with the Indigo Trade, but to which she would not more particularly refer, had happened differently, it might perhaps have been in possession of wealth.
The fact of Tackleton having walked out; and furthermore, of two or three people having been talking together at a distance, for two minutes, leaving her to her own resources; was quite enough to have put her on her dignity, and the bewailment of that mysterious convulsion in the Indigo trade, for four-and-twenty hours.
Morrel is utterly ruined; he has lost five ships in two years, has suffered by the bankruptcy of three large houses, and his only hope now is in that very Pharaon which poor Dantes commanded, and which is expected from the Indies with a cargo of cochineal and indigo. If this ship founders, like the others, he is a ruined man."
He pointed out to me that there were certain black lines which formed crossbars upon the series of brilliant colours extending from the red at one end through gradations of orange, yellow, green, blue, and indigo to the violet at the other.
Charles looked round, and though completely attired in indigo blue, vanished into the shed, and was seen no more.
The white light strikes against it, and, with one exception, all its component colors--violet, indigo, green, yellow, orange, and red--are absorbed.
The black windows had faded through every shade of indigo; they now framed their opposite neighbors, stark and livid in the dawn; and the gas seemed turned to nothing in the globes.
HP Indigos superior liquid Electroink technology is the only digital color printing process that matches gravure printing.
Hotel Indigo London Kensington Earl's Court is our 50th property to open globally and we plan to open a further 14 Hotel Indigos in Europe in the next three to five years.'
"Indigo Awakening: A Doctor's Memoir of Forging an Authentic Life in a Turbulent World" explores the concept of the indigo, people who take on the suffering of others and have a knack for wanting to help and heal.
HP Indigo offers cost-effective, high-quality narrow-web printing solution for high-volume labels and packaging production.
Travel Business Review-July 4, 2012--Hotel Indigo Newcastle Provides Digital Bibles on Kindle(C)2012] ENPublishing -