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small deep blue North American bunting

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Indigo bunting daily nest survival increased from 0.909 (95% CI: 0.877, 0.932) to 0.983 (95% CI: 0.942, 0.995) as nest height increased from 0.2 m to 5.1 m.
In the 3rd growing season postfire, Indigo buntings (Passerina cyanea) and northern bobwhites (Colinus virginianus) were more abundant in recently burned heavy use sites than in light use sites.
Conversely, Scarlet Tanagers, Indigo Buntings (Passerina cyanea), and White-breasted Nuthatches were more abundant in the burned than the unburned site.
And yes, Ingold says, making me feel a little better about that long ago goof, indigo buntings are often mistaken for blue grosbeaks.
We also frequently observed eastern meadowlarks (4%), indigo buntings (2%), mourning doves (2%), and northern bobwhite (2%; Table 1).
The most colorful feathered denizen you may encounter is the brilliant blue of the male indigo bunting. These sparrow-size birds arrive in late spring from the Caribbean islands and breed through summer.
The presence of several species of birds - including the perky prairie warbler, the buzzy blue-winged warbler and the stunningly beautiful indigo bunting - is the long-awaited result of a conservation project that has been a collective effort of area agencies and groups, and seeing the birds arrive to nest was a benchmark that the project has so far been successful.
The bird on the back cover of the June/July 2002 issue was accidentally identified as an indigo bunting. The correct identification of the species is painted bunting.
In some areas, birds that use shrub habitats, e.g., brown thrasher (Toxostoma rufum), field sparrow and indigo bunting (Passerina cyanea), may be declining at higher rates than other grassland-associated birds (Saner et al., 2008).
"I like the indigo bunting, too," she said, referring to a small deep blue bird.
While precolonial New York favored woodland birds, clearing for agriculture favored Eastern bluebirds, the Eastern meadowlark, vesper sparrow and indigo bunting. As more open lands revert to forest, there has been a resurgence of northern goshawk, wild turkey and Eastern wood-pewee.
It's a place to be almost alone with nature, enjoying deer, indigo bunting mates, sandhill cranes, hawks, and countless wildflowers.
Desiccated, unyielding, the tree drew, in spring, indigo bunting and grosbeak to its withering.
Consider the male indigo bunting (below), one of the most dazzling songbirds that ranges in the United States.
When parsnips are knee high and start to bloom, and the first indigo bunting arrives and when garlic mustard is blooming, and when early grasses go to seed, then Late Spring begins.