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Synonyms for indignity

Synonyms for indignity

an act that offends a person's sense of pride or dignity

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an affront to one's dignity or self-esteem

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The indignity lives on when some pervert looks at material JUDGE TONY HUNT central criminal court
The minister said this act of indignity is no different from the other ills that women were forced to endure before the dawn of democracy in South Africa and called on police to do their utmost in investigating this case and bringing the culprit to book.
They submit to this indignity because humiliation is better than being out of the public eye.
Indignity In any case, condemning their child to the indignity of having his body stuffed into a rucksack and dropped off a cliff is a bizarre act that few of us would associate with care or love.
1 : an act that injures a person's dignity or self-respect <She remembers every insult, every indignity.
Mr Mosley, who said there were no Nazi overtones to his sadomasochistic activities, was last week awarded a record pounds 60,000 in privacy damages by the High Court for the "probably unprecedented" distress and indignity he suffered over the story.
Their decision could cost taxpayers a whopping pounds 75million to compensate cons who suffered indignity in jail, as part of an EU human rights ruling.
These factors are reinterpreted as pointing to three forms of indignity that may be inflicted by law or policy: grounding law or policy in prejudice, the use of, or reliance on, stereotype, and exclusion form dignity-constituting benefits (Journal Abstract).
But even that isn't the worst indignity for the 50-year-old decorator - that, he believes comes from having a splash of red on their traditional white shirts.
Every year the Tax Foundation calculates the cost of this added indignity.
THE NEXT TIME you're in your private jet, or even if you have to suffer the indignity of flying commercially, look for the word "MedLink" posted somewhere on the flight deck.
PRINCES STREET has suffered the final indignity with the addition of a bingo hall and a tanning salon.
Tony Hawk is apparently recovering from the blunt force drama of having been a corpse on television's CSIMiami and from the indignity of discovering that he is on a CD inside boxes of Kellogg's sugar-coated Frosted Flakes.
Southern Baptist missionaries, mostly from segregationist states, suffered the indignity of facing the anger of the people groups they came to evangelize and minister--that the Communists exploited at every opportunity.