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Synonyms for indigestibility

the property of being difficult to digest

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On lemons and indigestibility: Resource assembly through joint ventures.
A common trait reported for the strains in the clonal lineage ST398 is the indigestibility of their whole cellular DNA when subjected to SmaI-macrorestriction analysis and their consequent inability to be typed by pulsed-field gel electrophoresis (PFGE) (5,7).
It was assumed that the recording would exploit the momentary wave of interest in Haba's work and help to overturn prejudices about the indigestibility of his "off key music".
The increasing problems caused by junk mail, data overload and indigestibility, and the need to make decisions ever more rapidly, mean it is all too easy to take the wrong path in establishing systems for decision support.
Ramping up sales from the current 4.9 million [pounds sterling] by 160% is hard for the weightiest of retail machines--witness the slow-down in Carrefour profitability after the Promodes acquisition or the indigestibility of its German acquisition for Wal-Mart.
Zucker's visual indigestibility and narrative accessibilty invert the assumptions behind much of the art we are seeing lately and take us into a parallel continuum of shared stories and disarming pictorial candor.
Despite the sharp, needlelike structure of many spicules and the relative indigestibility of spongin, these two traits have recently been described as serving little or no antipredator function in Caribbean sponges (Pawlik et at., 1995; Chanas and Pawlik, 1995, 1996; Waddell and Pawlik, 2000a, b).
Knowing digestibility and indigestibility of the ration dry and organic matter -- taken from previous research -- helps estimate the dry matter and organic matter excreted in feces.
Linear regressions have been reported for alfalfa hay that negatively relate IVDMD to initial bale moisture (Collins et al., 1987) and positively relate in vitro DM indigestibility to heating degree days [is greater than] 30 [degrees] C (Coblentz et al., 1996).
And calorie-conscious consumers are choosing foods based on their indigestibility.
Hegel notes that "The disease can begin in the organism as a whole, can be an indigestibility in general (for after all, it is digestion which is involved): or in a particular part which establishes itself, for example, in the process of the gall or the lungs" (433).
The indigestibility of Ramsay's text may mean that few readers finish it.
In fact, to read the muckraking literature of the early 1990s to realize that Americans of that day were far more worried about the indigestibility of Italians, Slavs, and Russian Jews than any of Geyer's "respected" authorities is worried about Hispanics today.
The potential reader's appetite would surely be whetted by knowing about the existence and whereabouts of these sections, and the chance to 'pick and choose' would also help to counteract any impression of indigestibility that the book's gargantuan menu might otherwise give.