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Synonyms for indict



Synonyms for indict

to make an accusation against

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accuse formally of a crime

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Though Washington may not tolerate any nation arresting or international court indicting Kissinger, Rumsfeld, or Cheney for violations of international law while such individuals are in office, their vulnerability out of office could be another matter.
As the police did not recommend indicting the captain, his indictment has become unlikely.
There is such distrust that if they start indicting board members there will be accusations of self dealing," said attorney Stuart Salt, who represents many boards.
By charging Hubbell's wife, Starr has copied the Justice Department's common tactic of exerting pressure on potential witnesses by indicting people close to them.
And Robert Kennedy's prodigious wit is everywhere--what he said when journalist Charlie Bartlett told him not to become Attorney General; how he teased his assistant Henry Petersen; the times he complained about the number of Democrats his department was indicting.
Hiroshi Matsumine, 60, who lost his daughter in the accident and is seeking compensation over the case, demanded the prosecutors come forward with their reasons for not indicting the four.
But because the proposition does not address the issue of indicting juveniles, Fidler ruled it could not be done and will send the case to Juvenile Court.
But indicting physicians and other health care professionals makes for attention-grabbing headlines, and in recent years prosecutors around the country have begun to blur the distinction between honest mistakes and crimes.
Fidler said the drafters of the proposition, passed by voters in March, did not, however, address the issue of indicting juveniles.