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one that accuses

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When all blue indicters go dark, the process is complete.
In fact, the downward movement was a result of how the report deals with missing indicters. This is not a shortcoming of the report, per se, but rather all indices need to deal with how to treat missing variables.
Which is all very well, except that it presumes that the indicters are completely exempt from it.
After some time the real culprit came forward, so the repented indicters ran back to the wise man and begged for his forgiveness.
The authors in the section devoted to France generally go even farther in putting the individual actor "under erasure." History buffs eager for a quick fix on Maximilian Robespierre will hardly be satisfied with Ann Rigney's reduction of the man and his deeds to "icon and symbol." Robespierre's small physical stature, his deathly pallor, the reactions of the public to his execution, are all features of the man analyzed not for their truth content nor for their meaning to the revolution, but rather as signifiers for nineteenth-century defenders and indicters of the Revolution.