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Synonyms for indict

to make an accusation against

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accuse formally of a crime

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Through its application of the 11 bis conditions and the monitoring mechanism, the ITCR will be able to fulfill its obligation to provide its indictees with certain rights and protections.
Sarah Nouwen and Wouter Werner point out that in its very claim to be enforcing universal rules, the ICC demonizes its indictees as enemies of all humankind, and this very process serves to weaken them politically.
In total, Serbia has delivered on all 46 ICTY requests for handing over indictees.
But failing to hand over indictees to the STL is not likely to prevent a trial.
He also said he was satisfied with the decision of the 5-member Criminal Council of the Supreme Court voiding the ruling of the Court of Appeal that previously accepted the indictees compliant and allowed replacement of the imprisonment sentence with house arrest and a bail of 1.
Their topics include an empirical study of foreign law in American jurisprudence, evaluating the International Criminal Court and the apprehension of indictees, the role of international actors in promoting rule of law in Uganda, and how the International Law of Human Rights changed the Argentine Supreme Court.
The indictees were members of a paramilitary unit known as Sakali (Jackals), the statement from Vladimir Vukcevic's office said.
Section 707(h) - FY 2010 funds, including funds for debt restructuring, may be provided, if determined by the Secretary of State, to the central government of a country is cooperating with the efforts of International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda (ICTR) and the Special Court for Sierra Leone (SCSL) to the surrender and transfer of indictees in a timely manner.
See Burke-White & Kaplan, supra note 35, at 271 (stating that the Ugandan government "must reform the Amnesty Act so as, at the very least, to exclude ICC indictees from amnesty").
The ICTR Office of the Prosecutor Tracking Team negotiated unsuccessfully with the Kenyan government to effect the transfer of these fugitive indictees to the ICTR.
In 2004 and 2005, a significant number of ICTY indictees surrendered to the tribunal.
Barria and Roper (2006) had developed a list of nine issues, such as the type of conflict, how the case was referred to the ICC, the type and location of indictees, which influence the ability of the ICC to apprehend suspects.
Although a court has been appointed to try indictees in that case, no suspects have been named.
If Hitler had been alive in October 1945, the 21 indictees who were in fact tried at Nuremberg would not have been let off the hook.
The stalled police reform prevented Bosnia signing a first agreement on the road to European Union integration this week, while Serbia was allowed to initial its pact with Brussels despite failing to apprehend key war crimes indictees.