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Synonyms for indict

to make an accusation against

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accuse formally of a crime

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The net result is that East Timor's hybrid tribunal tried only mid- and lower-level indictees, mostly Timorese ex-militia members involved in the violence surrounding the referendum, but did not reach the higher-level suspects in Indonesia.
Many of these indictees are believed to be in the FRY or Republika Srpska (the part of Bosnia-Herzegovina governed by the Bosnian Serbs).
A strategy, including a timeline, for bringing the indictee before such court.
As Susan Lamb notes, "One feature that distinguishes the forcible arrest of a Tribunal indictee from the ordinary case of intervention is the fact that a person indicted for serious breaches of international humanitarian law is a suspect whom the international community as a whole has a strong interest in bringing to justice.
Serbian leaders, though, have consistently denied that the indictees are in Serbia.
It overlooks the fact that the Tribunal is not equipped with the means of physically apprehending indictees and that this task belongs to the international community, in the broadest sense of the term.
Francis Mading Deng voting against the west over Palestine non-member state status at the UN in New York and the recent episode of crawling at the feet of a non-descript tribal chief and commander-in-chief of a vigilante in Eastern African region and not to mention his other blood stained title of an ICC indictee for post election crimes.
15(2) ("The Government shall comply without undue delay with any request for assistance by the Special Tribunal or an order issued by the Chambers, including, but not limited to: (a) Identification and location of persons; (b) Service of documents; (c) Arrest or detention of persons; (d) Transfer of an indictee to the Tribunal.
The ICC indictee further claimed that Al-Hilu was receiving assistance from Bentiu town in the Unity State of South Sudan.
that the last fugitive indictee of the ICTY will now face justice", he added.
43 (July 24, 2009) (providing for the referral of an indictee to a domestic jurisdiction for trial).
Kelsall and Sawyer found that support for the prosecution of Issa Sessay, the most senior RUF indictee, was higher nationwide than for any other accused before the court.
As it happened, President Joseph Kabila's government, which had already investigated Lubanga's alleged crimes for months and had put him in detention as a result, surrendered him to the ICC as the Court's first indictee in March 2006.