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Synonyms for indict

to make an accusation against

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accuse formally of a crime

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86) The Court even felt constraints on its narrow authority; it had no indictees to prosecute or tools to do its work.
In fact, a few days before his murder, Eid had several meetings with STL officials, and though he knew that his life was in danger for what he discovered -- a clear link to the five indictees and, perhaps, others -- he persisted.
The Prosecutor informed the SRSG after the arrests had taken place and all of the indictees were aboard helicopters heading for detention.
Congress also played an important role in supporting the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia and pressing for the arrest and transfer of indictees.
On the contrary, it may have prompted the arrest of a lower-level indictee for crimes in Darfur.
The potential influence wielded by states has been demonstrated recently, with the President of Uganda, Yoweri Museveni, refusing to surrender ICC indictee Joseph Kony, head of the Lord's Resistance Army, and instead offering him an amnesty in return for ending the insurgency.
105) Therefore, there is no sovereign right to confer a liberty interest on an ICTY indictee.
Confusion prevailed Tuesday evening in Belgrade over the fate of top Hague Tribunal indictee Gen.
The SCSL has faced two serious security threats--a failed coup attempt that reportedly was aimed at preventing the SCSL from beginning its work, and an effort by a high-profile indictee to stir up civil unrest--but it can move to another country if necessary.
More two months after the elections, Serbia on Wednesday got its government, but with the backing of the Socialist Party of the top Hague War Crimes Tribunal indictee Slobodan Milosevic, which meets international disapproval.
Sometimes governments will be its allies--as was the FBI in arresting the Rwandan indictee in Texas at the request of the Rwandan Tribunal.
The Croatian Supreme Court confirmed in early October 1996 that the transfer of indictee Zlatko Aleksovski, a Bosnian Croat arrested in Split in June, could proceed.
He said they had no information whether Grujovski or any other indictee in this case had dual citizenship.
The evidence of the political observers and analysts centred on the facts that Omer Hassan Ahmed al-Bashir is an indictee of the International Criminal Court (ICC), a persona non grata who has to be excluded from attending the American Islamic Conference in which more than 50 Islamic countries attended in Saudi Arabia.
Kenyatta and running mate William Ruto -- a fellow ICC indictee -- "in particular have challenged the ICC proceedings as politically motivated, and used them to rally their respective ethnic communities' support," the ICG added.