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Synonyms for indict



Synonyms for indict

to make an accusation against

Words related to indict

accuse formally of a crime

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Accountability Judge Mohammad Bashir was set to indict Sharif, his daughter Maryam and son-in-law Capt Safdar on Oct 13.
The lawyer of Maryam and Captain (r) Safdar has requested the court to not to indict his clients today.
Ozawa includes his alleged failure to put in a 2004 report the A[yen]400 million he lent to Rikuzankai in 2004, but this point was not referred to by the public prosecutors when they decided not to indict him.
The Special Tribunal for Lebanon (STL) will indict a leading member in Hizbullah, for his involvement in the 2005 assassination of former Prime Minister Rafik al-Hariri, Palestinian daily AL QUDS reported Friday, citing Israel's television Channel One for the report.
If Attorney General Menahem Mazuz "decides to indict me after hearing me out, I will step down (as foreign minister) and within the next four or five months I will quit as a member of parliament," he told journalists.
At press time, he was still awaiting its decision on whether to indict 4im for defying the Supreme Court ruling, a charge for which he could face hard time.
ISLAMABAD -- An Anti-Terrorism Court (ATC) Thursday decided to indict main accused in murder of Azam Tariq on July 3, 2017.
The Tokyo District Public Prosecutors Office decided in February, and again in May, not to indict Ozawa due to a lack of evidence, while indicting the three former aides.
The Israeli prosecutors will soon decide whether or not to indict the two and the ship's captain, who were all arrested in late October on suspicion of negligence leading to death and the breach of rescue duties.
After the August 15th blackout descended on millions of Americans and Canadians in the northeast, former Clinton Energy Secretary (and current New Mexico Governor) Bill Richardson took to the airwaves to indict the free market for the catastrophe.
The FIA in its application requested the court to indict the other criminals in the absence of Hanif Kalia, so that the proceedings of the case could move forward, on which Hanif Kalia was informed in the hospital about the decision of his induction, while the remaining were indicted in the court of Justice Ghulam Hussain.