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Synonyms for indict



Synonyms for indict

to make an accusation against

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accuse formally of a crime

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He despised gadding about; he looked upon coaches as things that ought to be indicted; as disturbers of the peace of mankind; as restless, bustling, busy, horn-blowing contrivances, quite beneath the dignity of men, and only suited to giddy girls that did nothing but chatter and go a-shopping.
Anytus is quite right in saying that they should never have indicted him if they meant to let him go.
Wilful abuses of a public authority, to the oppression of the subject, and every species of official extortion, are offenses against the government, for which the persons who commit them may be indicted and punished according to the circumstances of the case.
Several of his letters being ignored, Martin indicted an angry one which drew a reply.
At the arraignment I pleaded 'Not guilty,' and well I might, for I was indicted for felony and burglary; that is, for feloniously stealing two pieces of brocaded silk, value #46, the goods of Anthony Johnson, and for breaking open his doors; whereas I knew very well they could not pretend to prove I had broken up the doors, or so much as lifted up a latch.
He was, of course, indicted for smoking and for the use of abuse more full-flavoured than even St Xavier's had ever heard.
'The investigating prosecutors found probable cause to indict Bryan Christopher Sy and two other officers for the complex crime of estafa thru falsification of official documents,' Justice Undersecretary Markk Perete said.
Monday will mark the last day of Ghosn's recent detention period, approved by the Tokyo District Court, and is also the deadline for prosecutors to decide whether to indict or release him.
KARACHI -- An Anti Terrorism Court (ATC) will indict in four cases pertaining to the 12th May carnage to an accused, Abdul Zahid, who appeared before the court on Saturday.
Ousted PM's lawyer submitted a petition to stop indictment proceedings until the decision of Supreme Court (SC) on the plea to merge all cases in one.Maryam Nawaz and Captain (r) Safdar also requested to not indict them as they have not been given any documents including volume X of Panama Joint Investigation Team (JIT) report upon which NAB prosecutor said that the accused were provided with copy of the reference and witnesses about 10 days ago.
The prosecution office decided not to indict him in February 2010.
Israel's Channel One Says STL Will Indict a Leading Hizbullah Member
At press time, he was still awaiting its decision on whether to indict 4im for defying the Supreme Court ruling, a charge for which he could face hard time.
Kolubah's order, but they have ignored public pressure to equally charge and indict ruling party Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) Rep.