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London [UK], Oct 27 ( ANI ): Pakistan, which remains the breeding ground and supporter of global terrorism, is responsible for three times the terror risk to humanity that Syria poses, says a study -- `Humanity at Risk - Global Terror Threat Indicant (GTTI) -- by Oxford University and Strategic Foresight Group (SFG).
Factors affecting the mycelial growth and size of pycnidia produced by the Phylosticta rabiei (pass) Trott.; The indicant of gram blight.
The process of inferring intention from outward acts was at one time expounded in the Latin maxim: acta exteriora indicant interiora secreta (469) (outward acts indicate the thoughts hidden within).
The purpose of this study was to evaluate documentation, as an indicant of performance, of nursing measures intended to prevent hospital-acquired complications (atelectasis, bacterial pneumonia, falls, pressure ulcers, pain management, and confusion) in trauma patients 65 years of age and older.
(2003) Realtor designation as an indicant of cognitive moral development and success in real estate sale, Journal of Real Estate Practice and Education, 6(2), pp.
The pathogenesis of purple urine bag syndrome is due to the metabolism of tryptophan by bacteria to indole and later converted to indicant in the liver.[sup.3] This is excreted and broken down in the urine by bacteria possessing one or both enzymes, sulphatise and phosphatase that metabolize this pigment to indirubin and indigo in an alkaline environment (urine).
500: "Indicant hoc leges ab illis sancitae, quibus cavetur ne quenquam sacerdotes baptizent, excepto mortis articulo, praeterquam in Pascha et Pentecoste.
[k.sub.1] Indicant the relationship between environmental health and economic growth.
Means and standard deviations for each indicant of aggression are provided in Table 1.