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the act of classifying and providing an index in order to make items easier to retrieve

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One of the well-known indexing methods named h-index [6] was proposed in 2005 that is a single valued index, used for evaluating the scientific performance of researchers.
Existing indexing methods discussed in literature, do not cover topic based weighted citations for authors in multi-authored papers.
Indexing connotes the processes of creating an index.
Witty (1978) studied the evolution of indexing practices through the examination of indexes in two fourteenth century manuscripts, an incunabulum and a book printed in the sixteenth century.
* Is the volume large enough to justify a sophisticated workflow for scanning, indexing, and quality control?
The same is true with bonds." And, Shambo says, "high net worth clients may prefer separate account management because there's even better control over the timing of taxes than with indexing."
A retrieval system that includes an indexing system and the ability to reproduce legible and readable hard copies of electronically stored books and records.
In Canada, most pension plan sponsors have rate-of-return targets expressed in real, rather than nominal, terms because the plans contain either an explicit indexing provision or the plan sponsor intends to grant future inflation-based improvements on an ad hoc basis.
Specifically, the ability to locate and identify materials in this context implies that patrons must be able to search the holdings of multiple libraries and to navigate among disciplinary or citation (abstracting and indexing) databases defining logical views of a literature and primary content (both in printed form and electronic formats).
Gary Lynn Ferguson's Song Finder provides more extensive coverage by indexing 621 song books from the collection of the State Library of Louisiana dating from 1854 to 1992.
Editor's note: The Art of indexing is reviewed from the perspectives of two professionals working in different fields.
By using a revolutionary indexing system, Resicom Analytics tracks and analyzes the demographics that directly impact the selected property.
For taxpayers using the linkchain method, indexing new items at 1.0 has the effect of eliminating inflation for one year.
The contract contains myriad proposals that are pleasing to the ear, including a capital gains tax rate reduction, indexing the basis of capital and selected other assets, a "neutral cost recovery system" for depreciating business assets, a higher expensing limit for small business equipment, liberalization of the home office deduction rules, family tax credits, "marriage penalty" relief, "American Dream" savings (ADS) accounts, changes to the Social Security earnings limit and the amount of benefits subject to tax as well as tax breaks for long-term care insurance and employee benefits.
Management also can use the same technique in indexing nonfinancial results to establish the cost savings.