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Margie Towery originally published her two pieces as columns in the American Society of Indexers (ASI) Key words newsletter.
CINDI provides assistance comparable to the expert cataloger or indexer for the author, addressing the shortcomings of many current search engines via better metadata description.
The Melt Indexer MP features modular construction that is said to offer ease of operation.
While the test today retains its relative simplicity, melt indexers have evolved considerably.
The answer is here, along with comments by professional indexers on what constitutes good and bad indexes.
It was prepared by Nancy Mulvany, one of the foremost authorities on indexing (she literally wrote the book on indexing: Indexing hooks [University of Chicago Press, 1994], reviewed in the November 1994 issue of Technical communication) and a past president of the American Society of Indexers.
publishes books for librarians, information professionals, the knowledge management community, and indexers, as well as those whose work involves online searching.
The servo control will support either brush or brushless motor indexers made by Hardinge and some other manufacturers.
Introduction to Indexing and Abstracting concludes with a list of 99 Web resources for indexers and abstracters and a chapter titled "The Profession," which gives pointers for getting started as an indexer.
In Chapter 1, Jan Wright provides a good primer for novices and identifies several challenges freelance indexers face when creating embedded indexes for publishers and corporate clients.
The company is said to combine modern technology with affordability in its line of melt flow indexers.
HFR was chosen, according to the judging panel, because the firm "differentiated itself with the launch of HFRX" and "stands out from other indexers.
The Hardinge 5C indexer with an all-digital servo control supports brush or brushless servo motor indexers made by Hardinge or other manufacturers and has an intelligent power module for cooler and quieter operation.
Supplies capillary rheometers and melt indexers, including a robotic melt indexer.
Each of the 13 chapters in this new book was written by working indexers who share their experiences and advice on the subject of legal indexing.