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someone who provides an index

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As Weinberg notes, even today some indexers use this simple technique of cutting in order to make the items physically movable.
It is a guide to the indexing profession--not so much a how-to book as an introduction to what it is like to be an indexer.
We need to develop two types of indexers to support this approach of faceted search.
Pertinent Data: The multi-spindle rotary indexer can increase overall production by producing more parts per hour, which can result in lower cost-per-part.
Slowing to on-speed at six miles, the pilot noticed the HUD E-bracket and angle-of-attack (AOA) indexer lights flicker off and on.
Built-in indexer eliminates separate controller - saving money
The book will appeal to anyone who has ever been curious to know why the names of indexers are rarely known.
You can learn the principles and practice of indexing by doing the Society of Indexers (SI) distance learning course.
Indexers put together indexes for all kinds of documents to help users find the information they need easily.
Browne and Jermey are freelance indexers with extensive experience in teaching and indexing, and are members of the Australian and New Zealand Society of Indexers.
According to the company, mechanical indexers are inflexible when it comes to motion sequences, as they are limited by a fixed number of sequence points at a fixed angle.
Available for use with turntables, shuttles or in-line indexers.
Troyke Manufacturing has been an industry leader in rotary tables and positioning systems, single- and dual-axis collet indexers, and other workholding accessories since 1939.