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a system of economic regulation: wages and interest are tied to the cost-of-living index in order to reduce the effects of inflation

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The main policy implication of our results is that wage indexation is a more subtle policy instrument, and that its effects are more pervasive than is usually contended in the literature.
For some individuals who held assets before April 6, 1998, indexation might be of significant value and it would be worth considering action before 5 April 2008 to preserve indexation allowance.
But it said, under the current regime, indexation relief would reduce this figure by pounds 40,000, while taper relief would reduce it by a further pounds 40,000.
In this paper, we extend the game-theoretic model of monetary policy developed by Rogoff [1985] by assuming that wage-setters choose optimally the degree of nominal wage indexation or contract length.
Welfare Minister Ramona Petravica (KPV LV) said that this would be the largest pension indexation in recent years, ensured by the economic development of Latvia.
Sparkling wines and champagnes will be slapped a specific tax of P348 (for P500 net retail price or less than 750-mL volume capacity) and P974 (for more than P500 per bottle of 750-mL volume) per liter next year, to be followed by 10-percent indexation every year from 2021 onwards.
The policy was revised in August 2006 for 3,000MW that also offered dollar indexation on local currency investment and IRR was also increased to 15pc and yet only 1,200MW capacity could be materialised.
On the occasion, the Power Division presented its Internal Audit Report on quarterly Indexation by National Electric Power Regulatory Authority, which had found that the authority had used high exchange rates during determination of quarterly indexation.
The new rules, the so-called indexation of the family allowance, came into effect at the start of this year.
We emphasize that many efforts were made to make DEMETRA one of the references in the area of Food and Nutrition, reaching the goals of periodicity, indexation in several bases, number of articles published and, mainly, the quality of the texts.
The property comprises a Grade A warehouse building of 58,851sqm, completed in 2017 and it is currently 78% let with an unexpired weighted average lease term of 9 years and annual indexation of 6%.
In addition, Fitch has applied a routine update to the house price indexation assumptions, current-to-trough house price declines and illiquid property thresholds contained in the asset model for Belgium, France, Greece, Ireland, Netherlands, Portugal and Spain.
The document suggests indexation of insurance parts of pensions since October 1.
Scotland Excel won the Leading Practice Award for its indexation tool at the UK GO Awards at a ceremony in Manchester.
Indexation of the insurance part of pensions in Azerbaijan won't affect increments to them, Salim Muslumov, the country's minister of labor and social protection of population, said at a press conference on Feb.