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The results in Table 1 show that, although overall there is a higher preference for the use of modality devices and approximators (strategy of indetermination) by the writers in English, the distribution of this strategy varies similarly across the different structural units of the articles: the most heavily-hedged units both in English and Spanish are the Discussion/Conclusion unit and the Introduction unit.
A static analysis in MCN gives as initial result, a neutrosophic number of the form (a+bI, where I = indetermination).
(5.) I use the term text in the broadest possible sense as a signifying structure involving the visual, the verbal and the space of apparent indetermination between them.
Ailleurs, on peut a volonte penser soit au lieu de la perte (<< nan basen-sonje >>) soit a celui de la recuperation (<< ranmasesonje >>) avec une relative indetermination.
The rapid variations of the water level produced by these phenomena cause indetermination of progressive phase.
If the opposition fails to attract the indecisive citizens then another entity might benefit from the opposition's indetermination," stated Albert Musliu.
One where "rich indetermination gives them...the function of articulating a second poetic geography on top of the geography of the literal, forbidden or permitted meaning.
Through this review, Sokolova wonders about the indetermination of Shakespeare's political messages and their role in the future development of the cultural icon, and ironically concludes that "[if] not a man of the millennium, Shakespeare is certainly an element in the glue that has kept our chipped dinner-service together, and this is no mean an achievement at the end of the bloodiest millennium in human history" (108).
D'autre part, le roman "psychologique" veut etre aussi roman "realiste" : il prefere nous faire oublier son caractere d'artifice verbal et fait de toute vaine precision (ou de toute indetermination languissante) un nouveau trait de vraisemblance.
This framework is based on [17, 19], for knowledge-based recommendation systems allowing the representation of linguistic terms and indetermination in form of SVNNs.
One of the products of this continued indetermination is the strange hybrid of human-nature integral to Western political theory.
The third lens through which humans are seen is their relative indetermination which creates possibilities of their mutual engagement with each other.
A contradiction among the two concepts would imply a false idea of authority implicitly understood as power, or a false idea of liberty understood as founding radical indetermination.