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It was noticed that in the previous papers, the linguistic evaluations are not represented by neutrosophic sets, but by a single number which represents the degree of causality between two concepts or by the letter I to indicate the indeterminacy, without sufficiently exploiting all the potentialities of neutrosophic sets.
This article aims at proposing a model based on neutrosophic cognitive maps for making comprehensive decisions out of a multi-objective approach (diagnosis, decision, and prediction) during projects execution, considering the indeterminacy relations between concepts.
indeterminacy congressional intent must be implemented in most cases
(32) Conversely, when indeterminacy does exist there may
While the Crits "stirred up a fabulous ruckus" in the legal academy by deconstructing "the core doctrinal subjects of the first year curriculum," (27) I thought that the indeterminacy thesis as expressed in the article made claims about the character and properties of law on terms too radically abstracted from social context--the context in which we experience law.
I first encountered Gordon's claims about law's indeterminacy in the midst of the Crit conflicts of the 1980s, when Duncan Kennedy and Morton Horwitz were arguing whether the political valence of all legal doctrine could be "flipped." (28) Despite the Utopian vistas the method opened, (29) it seemed to me to divert attention from the social forms in which we encounter law.
A more interesting question is whether the coarse-grained/fine-grained distinction can be spelled out in terms of deep ontic indeterminacy. Wilson (2013) considers a case where deep ontic indeterminacy occurs because "an object possesses a determinable property at a time that is not at all determined at that time, even relative to a given perspective or circumstance" (370).
Indeterminacy conjures up a world of too much structure.
The indeterminacy problem has been a central concern of many of the principal schools of Western jurisprudence.
This article suggests an alternative approach based on traditional Jewish jurisprudential responses to the indeterminacy problem.
[2.] Smarandache, F.: Refined Literal Indeterminacy and the Multiplication Law of Sub--Indeterminacies.
(5) Thus from a Hegelian perspective, Agamben's step back to indeterminacy with respect to the relation between humanity and animality is hasty and thereby unwittingly admits uncritically adopted and ill-conceived determinacies, as we will see below.
So long as that which serves such a transcendental function remains unchanged while enabling or conditioning other determinacies, its transcendental character is not altered by characterizing it as "indeterminacy." In the latter case, because such indeterminacy is conceived in relation to the determinacies it enables or conditions, it still retains a minimally determinate character itself, one which we might call a determinacy of indeterminacy.
In this benchmark specification, I estimate the model only on that region of the parameter space that implies a unique, determinate equilibrium to get an assessment of what a standard approach without taking into account indeterminacy would result in.
Even with only mildly increasing returns, crossing the boundary into indeterminacy requires a perfectly elastic labor supply, both of which factors I can rule out from my estimation.