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Synonyms for indeterminable

not capable of being definitely decided or ascertained

incapable of being definitely ascertained

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(8) on over 400 pregnant women, 267 (66.75%) of the patients had reactive tracings, 114 (28.5%) indeterminable tracings, and 19 (4.75%) ominous tracings.
That transparency towards providing individuals with the relevant accessibility support for interacting with content first and not pestered with endless settings, configuration menus, or the indeterminable delays for the accessible version.
Spot is a puppy of indeterminable breed, although given the family similarities I am guessing he is some sort of cartoon pedigree.
That charge was now withdrawn and Mr McKenna found himself on his way to the Mill Road Infirmary for a indeterminable spell of medical observation.
It also does not include the indeterminable costs of human suffering because of loss of job, foreclosure or homelessness.
Enrolling in school is a sign that what could have been a quick escape has become an indeterminable stay.
Problems arising from indeterminable nationality or the child's own wishes were often disregarded.
Topic Middle East unrest Review Israel Reported essays Saloon Middle East It had taken her 19 years to return to her homeland from the US; a period marked by angst, hardship and a yearning to belong, and it was there, listening to the echo of her childhood on the slopes of the Mount of Olives and cradling the young daughter who had finally given her purpose, that Abulhawa set her life on its indeterminable course.
Limitations to the study were identified as indeterminable causal relationships resulting from the use of self-reports, as well as a sample largely consisting of Caucasians, limiting the generalizability of the results.
She provides for those who do not have, and remains a constant force of good will amongst an environment of indeterminable change.
"This has been a difficult decision to reach, and I am aware that it will have indeterminable implications," Vinson said.
"The present unclear political announcements of a change in senior management could create, in ICAO's opinion, an indeterminable future of professional processes within CAAC," said Cusi, a former general manager of the Manila International Airport Authority and the Philippine Ports Authority.
"It's indeterminable. The issue is, how do people organise criminal things to get money?