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Synonyms for indestructible

Synonyms for indestructible

not easily destroyed


very long lasting

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Using these, someone had stitched a second indestructibly ugly fabric strap to the watch, using heavy-duty fishing line.
But beyond everything, Bourbaki remains a major event in the history of 20th century mathematics and in Romanian Mathematics, Ionescu Tulcea's name remains indestructibly associated with this revolutionary moment.
"The majority drowned and rotted away within the space of a season leaving me reliant on a handful of hardy old swamp lovers like alder, birch and the indestructibly prolific Sitka.
By nature, the public administration is indestructibly tied to the political power, with "political power being the head, and the administration the arms", as Francois Vivien stated in 1845.
In it Perry, usually seen as indestructibly bouncy, is slumped in a reclining makeup chair, twisting her wedding ring and sobbing.
And Henrietta was fit to burst, proud of her horse, proud of her indestructibly outrageous husband and, I hope, proud of herself.
whose soul is inseparable from mine: you most beautiful inhabitant of the terrestrial globe, who have your disposal a seraglio of four hundred suckers; you in whom, linked indestructibly by a common accord, the sweet communicative virtue and the divine graces are nobly present, as if in their natural residence, why are you not with me, your mercury belly against my aluminum breast, both of us sitting on some seashore rock, to contemplate the spectacle I adore!
Helmholtz's vortices thus exist permanently and indestructibly and are all within the fluidity of the liquid as durable and lasting as the hardest solid.