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Synonyms for indelicacy

an improper act or statement

Words related to indelicacy

the trait of being indelicate and offensive

an impolite act or expression

References in classic literature ?
If Miss Miggs had had her hearing, no doubt she would have been greatly shocked by the indelicacy of a young female's going away with a stranger by night (for her moral feelings, as we have said, were of the tenderest kind); but directly Mr Dennis ceased to speak, she reminded him that he had only wasted breath.
Why indeed if not to undermine the credibility of Miranda, as if her discomfiting indelicacy of speech is somehow the problem, not the vicious acts and intentions of Caliban.
Thus, the text's tendency to indelicacy is true to its author, and Rusnak wants to be true to the text.
Combating constricting cultural forces with her gorgeous meditations on these "diaphanous, floaty, multicolored, always-undulating" creatures, Patsy recast the "spatial indelicacy of skin" as beauty rather than blemish (53).
The Blackwood's reviewer describes his dismay over a chapter "on the Removal of Dress," which he considers "bordering on indelicacy," confessing that as he read it he "trembled for each sentence that was to follow.
But there seems indelicacy in directing his attentions towards her, so soon after this event.
There is no point me returning the indelicacy he displayed or trying to put him to rights, as dwellers in dark visionary tunnels like your reader often find it impossible to face the full glare of enlightenment.
Leaving aside the men who practised in this arena, women were popular as attendants because they reportedly saved the indelicacy of being seen by a man, and demanded a lesser fee than doctors.
He recoils in shock from this indelicacy, citing the fact that she is a mother as reason she should be chaste: "'you .
But, what we failed to consider above all, was that the indelicacy of our prank - regardless of the grandeur of our own beliefs - negated any favour generated by our loveable audacity.
6) There is a great deal of indelicacy in Tristram Shandy, certainly, mostly concerned with sexual innuendo, yet the point is consistently made in the text that avoidance of the point of a matter is both dangerous and, often, in itself the reason for indelicacy.
In his edition of Maroccus Extaticus (London, 1843), Edward Rimbault avoided indelicacy by writing "Besomes" for "Bosomes.
On the ancillary matter of indelicacy, well, van Velzen deserves a smart slap on the wrist and an injunction not to be so silly in the future.
Brennan's imprudence and indelicacy may have originated in his zeal to find money with which to pay diocesan debts and cover the expenses of a cathedral, the main item on his agenda, about which he informed his congregation when he met them on 27 April.
Even better than physical ecstasy is a combined physical and moral ecstasy: painstaking restraint repaid with unabashed trust, the happy conjunction of delicacy and indelicacy, the incomparable privilege of requited love.