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Synonyms for indelicacy

an improper act or statement

Words related to indelicacy

the trait of being indelicate and offensive

an impolite act or expression

References in classic literature ?
With a scarcely conscious rebellion against the indelicacy of the act I remained.
It is a piece of rudeness to stare at anybody, and it is an act of indelicacy to stare at a gentleman.
Besides insulting Burdovsky with the supposition, made in the presence of witnesses, that he was suffering from the complaint for which he had himself been treated in Switzerland, he reproached himself with the grossest indelicacy in having offered him the ten thousand roubles before everyone.
What comes next are worries and discontentment uttered from an elitist stance or out of "aesthetic" considerations, particularly regarding the indelicacy of Mo Yan's language, the winding and forking progression of his narration, the alleged vulgarity of his imagery, and his resistance to the aesthetics of the sublime (Wang, The Failure 12-18).
The authors said that this move was an "indelicacy that would have even embarrassed a rhinoceros." And on the day of the pictorial, Woods withdrew her offer from Ferguson, who wanted to retain copyright of the photos.
When he moved into discussing Charlotte he acknowledged the "indelicacy" in mentioning his marriage proposal so soon, but said that he feared he would not have another opportunity to write to his sisters to tell them the news.
He could only settle his ideas by supposing she really loved Major Cerwood, and had suffered her character to be infected by the indelicacy that made a part of his own.
(46) Hawthorne's "sensitivity to current, often prudish, standards of taste" and concern to avoid any words of "indelicacy," shown in his late 1836 revisions for the publication of Twice-told Tales (Crowley 503-04), may have been a reason for his not mentioning these advertisements in "Old News I."
Where Child in his first collection suppressed all or parts of some ballads for their supposed indelicacy, Swinburne restored offending verses.
The cartoon sparked outrage on social media for perceived indelicacy on the subject, leading to a warrant for his arrest.
"There's been an indelicacy about how that was done.
Why indeed if not to undermine the credibility of Miranda, as if her discomfiting indelicacy of speech is somehow the problem, not the vicious acts and intentions of Caliban.
Returning the indelicacy of her friend, in the following year, Mansfield, as a literary critic, produces a text questioning Virginia Woolf's retrocession for reusing old narrative strategies in Night and Day.
The contradiction between the contractual and the familial is strongly felt in the case of Fanny's aggressive takeover of Norland: "No one could dispute her right to come; the house was her husband's from the moment of his father's decease; but the indelicacy of her conduct was so much the greater, and to a woman in Mrs.
Thus, the text's tendency to indelicacy is true to its author, and Rusnak wants to be true to the text.