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Synonyms for indelible

Synonyms for indelible

permanently resistive to fading

Synonyms for indelible

cannot be removed or erased


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And while sparkling soprano Laura Wright is probably capable of a slightly more tuneful national anthem than the 74-year-old - and her six-song set will be one of this weekend's highlights - the Royal College of Music undergraduate still has some way to go to rival the indelibility of Jones's footprints.
Instead of trying to recreate a traumatic experience for the viewer (a significant tradition in Holocaust films, according to Hirsch), (12) the film impresses the viewer with the searing indelibility of these experiences for Gyorgy, the way that memory works for a once careless, heedless youth plunged into the camps.
Either of them could have been set easier targets that in the record books would have a look of indelibility but which, in truth, would have represented a shirking of the issue.
When a tragic accident erases all memory of a woman's marriage from her mind, her husband must work overtime to recreate the spark that caused her to fall in love with him, in "The Vow," a complaisant datenight bauble designed for romantic indelibility, right down to its touching true-story roots.
This view is (no doubt surprisingly for some) akin in spirit to the psychology of the eternal return of Nietzsche, which also emphasized the indelibility of each instant.
Drawing on Nancy Fraser, she argues that feminism's focus on the private as the primary site of women's oppression and liberation, whether in the domestic sphere, in language, or in identity, has unwittingly served to advance neoliberal transformations due to a failure to "predict how the public sphere could be reconceptualized to take on the structural features that defined the private sphere" and/or to "calculate the indelibility of capital's need for the private sphere as a site of superexploitation and exceptions to the law" (48).
Indelibility and accessibility are the cornerstones of new new media.
Guillaumin argues that the characteristics of marks, and their indelibility and 'more or less proximity to/association with the body', reflect relations of power and the permanence of the power relationship.
If and when justice has been obtained - for all Lebanese - those words will have acquired a practical permanence to match their symbolic indelibility.
In the form of language, she is the story that the two men exchange in Chapter Three, and as a story, Carmen engenders the irrevocability and indelibility of the alliance between the two men.
The indelibility of religious identity has fuelled many conflicts, which threaten the stability prescribed by the modern nation-state.
Such indelibility had been the goal of ink makers for centuries.
The indelibility of these visions makes them a constant source of torture that eventually drives those who cannot control them to madness.
Callaghan's earlier cited insistence that beneath the racial dressing up onstage in Titus it is white actors appropriating black lives is suggestive not only of the indelibility of whiteness (and of the early capitalist politics of mimesis, which fetishizes and commodifies both the ethnic and the sexual real for commercial gain, so that the blackfaced but white Shakespearean Aaron's claim that "black is better .
The first thing to note is that this Bar Exam comes on beautiful, thick, acid-free paper designed for indelibility.