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Abstract.--Joshua trees (Yucca brevifolia) produce large, indehiscent fruits that contain numerous large seeds.
El tipo de fruto es el principal caracter para la separacion de las secciones: en Clistocarpa los frutos son esponjosos, indehiscentes; en Sarcocarpa son carnosos, indehiscentes; en Chaenocarpa son secos, dehiscentes, septicidas, y en Hesperoyucca son secos, dehiscentes, loculicidas.
The fruit has a rough indehiscent pericarp surrounding the succulent, edible aril and a seed in the centre.
Fruits indehiscent, baccate Bromelioideae Fruits dehiscent, capsular 2 2.
Legumes 5-10 mm long, ovoid, straight, indehiscent; seeds 2-3; stipules____obsoluescent; corolla 6-9 mm long____3.
Although referred to as sunflower seed, it is more correctly described as a type of indehiscent fruit.
Dry fruits have either ovaries that split open at maturity and release their seeds (dehiscent) or ovaries that do not split open when mature (indehiscent).
Additionally, dry fruits can be either dehiscent, where the dry pericarp splits open at maturity, releasing the seeds, or indehiscent, where the seeds remain with the fruit and the entire fruit falls from the parent plant at maturity (see Table 5-1).
However, a few notable examples of small-size advantage in arthropods include: i) the improved ability of small male Drosophila to track the female during courtship dances (Steele & Partridge 1988); ii) the enhanced ability of small adult bruchid beetles to escape from indehiscent fruits relative to larger individuals (Ott & Lampo 1991); iii) accelerated maturation by small male spiders, as well as an enhanced capacity to climb in search of sedentary females (references in Ramos et al.
Leguminosae/ Pea Leaves simple or Fabaceae compound; fruit is a legume or loment-- indehiscent or dehiscent along one or two sutures.
Indehiscent genotypes were developed cooperatively by Centro de Investigacion y Desarrollo Agroalimentario (Murcia, Spain) and Institut fur Pflanzenbau und Pflanzenzuchtung (Gottingen, Germany).
FRUIT: Indehiscent black capsules, numerous on long stalks; NOT ORNAMENTAL.
Female flowers often possess characters such as indehiscent anthers (Bawa 1977), staminodes (Agren et al.