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Manchester (2001) considered this species likely to represent Ptelea, based on similarities with the extant genus including the thin pedicel, hypogynous perianth scar, a slight stylar protuberance at the apex of the fruit; indehiscence, elongate, elliptical seeds in each carpel, and reticulate wing venation.
Fahn and Zohary (1955) stated that the absence of a scleren-chymateus stratum in legume pods was responsible for the indehiscence character.
Anther indehiscence, which was very low in both control populations, increased significantly in Giddings (Table 4).
New sources of indehiscence for birdsfoot trefoil (Lotus corniculatus, Fabaceae) produced by interspecific hybridization.
The repeated evolution of single-seededness together with indehiscence suggests strong selection pressure for single-seeded dispersal units (Cronquist 1968; Casper et al.
New sources of indehiscence for birdsfoot trefoil, Lotus corniculatus (Fabaceae) produced by interspecific hybridization.
High night temperature during anther development does not affect flower production but can impair pod set by causing anther indehiscence and low pollen viability (Warrag and Hall, 1984; Ahmed et al., 1992).