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Synonyms for indecisiveness

Synonyms for indecisiveness

doubt concerning two or more possible alternatives or courses of action

the trait of irresolution

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Thanks to the Cong's indecisiveness on the issue, the party is all set to lose its only bastion in South India, which contributed the maximum number of MPs to the UPA in the last two polls
Government's indecisiveness came to light when Sindh Abadgar Board (SAB) was told to divert RBOD water to Manchhar Lake, though SAB chief Abdul Majeed Nizamani believes the drain's water should be diverted to sea through Gharo Creek as originally planned.
It's not subtle: most of his attacks centre on Tory indecisiveness on the married couples' allowance and on inheritance tax.
We claim, however, that some of the emotional problems and indecisiveness associated with the need to choose a career or a field of study may be attributed to the lack of a framework for approaching career decision making, and we believe that the PIC model can provide such a guiding framework.
"It has dragged on due to indecisiveness by the former (cricket) management."
If this indecisiveness is a trait that is inbuilt into your boyfriend's personality, then I doubt he could change without help.
The problem with President Clinton is not his indecisiveness but that his judgment is so bad when he does make a decision.
Drew suggests, intriguingly, that it may have been Clinton's indecisiveness that kept New York Governor Mario Cuomo from joining the Supreme Court.
Career development theories provide useful ideas for understanding career indecision, but neglect of a measurement of career indecisiveness has caused confusion.
asked the ruling Liberal Party (LP) to presidential candidate Senator Grace Poe, hitting the senator's indecisiveness on the issue of whether or not to allow the late dictator to be buried at the heroes' cemetery.
KARACHI -- At least two former chairmen of the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) believe that Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif - who is also the patron-in-chief of PCB - shares the blame for Pakistan'costly indecisiveness on the'Big Three' issue.
The growing political indecisiveness in Washington has fuelled frustrations over U.S.
The TRS, too, is learnt to have decided not to vote on the pretext of protesting against the UPA government's indecisiveness on the Telangana issue.
The MP denied this rumor, blaming March 14 Camp' s indecisiveness on whether or not to participate in upcoming cabinet for the delay.