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bent into or having an inward curve


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All cusps and cusplets are acuminate, inclined lingually and incurved. Their curvature and direction vary: most of them are incurved to the crown centre, but some cusplets are twisted mesially or distally, or sometimes sigmoidally curved.
Only one form dominates at Buenavista-Nuevo San Josee: a bowl with direct or exterior-thickened rim, with diameters between 18 and 23 cm, and slightly to strongly incurved sides.
This study revealed that maximum height of plant was 117cm in yellow irregular incurved while minimum height of plant was 35 cm in white pompon.The maximum leaf blade length (14cm) was noted in purple irregular incurved and minimum length (3 cm) was found in white Korean.
0.5 mm in diameter at or slightly below apex; stipules 2.5-3.5 mm long, narrowly triangular, flattened and often incurved distally, abaxially densely sericeous, adaxially thinly sericeous to glabrescent, borne on petiole 2-3 mm above base.
Once the apical constriction is established, it is extremely important to monitor the working length periodically especially in the curved canals since a curved canal is straightened ("a straight line is the shortest distance between two points").27,28 Khan I U has found that pre-flaring greatly improves the quality of the coronal part of curved canals for correct working length determination.29,30 Thus pre-flaring is highly recommended procedure, especially incurved canals, for the detection of the apical constriction, a reference for the determination of the correct working length.
The other major clinical features present in our patients with Down's syndrome were; nose (short with depressed nasal bridge) in 96% cases, development (delayed milestone) in 92% cases, extremities (short and broad hand with incurved little finger, transverse single palmar crease, wide gap between the big and second toe) in 86% cases, neuromuscular (generalized hypotonia) in 76% cases, neck (short and broad) in 74% cases, tongue (protruding) in 64% cases, abdomen (protuberant, umbilical hernia) in 38% cases.
8-flowered; floral bracts orbicular or nearly so, 20-27 x 25-27 mm, apex rounded, incurved and appearing cucullate, greenish-yellow toward the apex and yellowish-green at the base, glabrous or nearly so, equaling 1/2 of the sepals length, strongly convex, carinate or the upper ones obtusely if at all carinate, covered by an oleaginous substance.
He demonstrates the oriental influences on British silver forms: 'The square silver salver with incurred corners that was a standard form during the 1720s and 1730s was probably inspired by Japanese export porcelain or lacquer first seen in England around the start of the eighteenth century'; although he does not point out that such incurved corners were also adopted in contemporary furniture.
IB, C) has more substantial incurved hooks at the tips of relatively short hook supports (Karling, 1961; Rieger et al, 1991).
Anthers were incurved and likely came into contact with mature stigmas at anthesis.
3 mm wide, base incurved, back with two elliptical, confluent nectar sacs at base, these distally red, with 3 vertical grooves below neck and with 3 united or separate carunculae (fragmented callus) ca 1,5 mm from scale neck, neck conspicuously thickened, slightly recurved, without filaments, laterally protracted into two small erect wings ca.
Pileus 2-8 cm across, hemispherical when young, later convex with an incurved margin, eventually plane, surface smooth, slightly lubricous, dark gray when young, later gray-brown to light gray.
Over time, some Erueti pots developed straight or incurved dm profiles, along with a whole variety of mostly incised decorations.