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Synonyms for incursion

Synonyms for incursion

an act of invading, especially by military forces

Synonyms for incursion

the act of entering some territory or domain (often in large numbers)

an attack that penetrates into enemy territory

the mistake of incurring liability or blame

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The tribe had grown larger since Tarzan had come among them, for under the leadership of Kerchak they had been able to frighten the other tribes from their part of the jungle so that they had plenty to eat and little or no loss from predatory incursions of neighbors.
And just in time thou com'st to have a view Of his great power; for now the Parthian king In Ctesiphon hath gathered all his host Against the Scythian, whose incursions wild Have wasted Sogdiana; to her aid He marches now in haste.
He made daring incursions into the realm of the unreal without renouncing his residence in the partly surveyed and charted region of what we are pleased to call certitude.
We travelled near a month after this, the ways not being so good as at first, though still in the dominions of the Emperor of China, but lay for the most part in the villages, some of which were fortified, because of the incursions of the Tartars.
Straits and dreaded for their desolating incursions.
Clara, in the course of her incursions into those artistic circles which were the highest within her reach, discovered that her conversational qualifications were expected to include a grounding in the novels of Mr.
However, the spokesman emphasizes that the MOND was fully aware of the aircraft and their movements, and that the incursion did not represent an immediate threat to Taiwan.
TURKEY'S recent incursion into Syrian territory is likely to further complicate matters in the Arab country even if Ankara has legitimate security concerns about Kurdish militias active across its southern border.
According to local sources in Hebron, the occupation forces arrested a 22 years old Palestinian during an incursion of Deir Samt town west of Hebron.
Department of Transportations Federal Aviation Administration as a part of the Runway Incursion Mitigation Program.
Sources have said that the purpose of this incursion by Turkey is apparently making its forces able to build a wall along the Syria-Turkey border, Al Masdar reported.
His comments came as Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar told Parliament on Thursday that " there was no incursion by Chinese troops, just a transgression which has been settled".
1 includes the first incursion, a new Gear Points system, trading and Dark Zone supply drops.
ySTANBUL (CyHAN)- There is a sense of deja vu in reports that the Turkish army may be about to engage in a military incursion in Syria.
Palestinian local sources said three Israeli tanks backed by three bulldozers began their operation of incursion into Gaza Strip at dawn today.