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showing absence of intellectual inquisitiveness or natural curiosity


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The vision of all this as what ought to be done seemed to Dorothea like a sudden letting in of daylight, waking her from her previous stupidity and incurious self-absorbed ignorance about her husband's relation to others.
We end up perched on stools somewhere in the newly-refurbished Old Port, between an incurious waitress and a noisy Spanish family.
The investigation is studiously incurious about going to the top levels, and worse than that, they negotiate, then they hand the results to the Department of Justice.
According to Ken Booth, "Strategists as a body are remarkably incurious about the character of their enemies and allies.
I'd wanted Lily spared my legacy, though, even hoped she'd take after her dad, who knows nothing of my secret credentials - having picked the most incurious man I could find.
His teachers say he is incurious, indifferent to facts and makes things up as he goes along.
And despite the script's direct acknowledgment that it's telling a "white-American-lady story," the movie never quite shakes off a glib, incurious outsider's perspective that can tilt into outright cluelessness, particularly where some of its more egregious casting choices are concerned.
Another symptom of Kollers incurious attitude towards this side of her topic is the lack of space she devotes to the bone of contention that precipitated all the political fallout her books goes on to chart: the Gregorian reform of the calendar.
In general, his intellectual CV gives an impression of slow-minded rigidity; and he seems essentially incurious about anything beyond his immediate sphere" Writer Martin Amis describing Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, who he says is "under-educated" "I go to the very occasional red-carpet thing, and the photographers take a picture out of obligation rather than salivating" Actress and writer Meera Syal, below "It really is the most clever, smart, capable, patient, loving, creative, agile thing you will ever do when you're alive.
There should be ban of instigated and hate books, pamphlets, literatures (publication, distribution and supply), incurious material, provocative cassettes and internet websites.
The Incurious Seeker's Quest for Meaning: Heidegger, Mood and Christianity.
On the north end was a bar and grill presided over by the burly, friendly but incurious barman/motel boss.
Although the pleasure of learning is universal, there are many dull incurious people in the world.
Earth was once the commonplace building material in many parts of the world; as common and incurious as we now find the vinyl-sided double-wide trailer.