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Synonyms for incurable

Synonyms for incurable

offering no hope or expectation of improvement

Antonyms for incurable

a person whose disease is incurable

incapable of being cured


unalterable in disposition or habits

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The fingered, seems, incurably fisted to a paltry And, it seems, if they're not fuming in traffic jams, they're moaning at what they seem to regard as a great misfortune and unfairness.
The modern concept of hospice includes palliative care for the incurably ill given in such institutions as hospitals or nursing homes, but also care provided to those who would rather spend their last months and days of life in their own homes.
Attorney Crane Pomerantz accused Sapse of masterminding a ''grotesque fraud in which he convinced incurably sick people to undergo ineffective and potentially dangerous medical procedures for his own enrichment.
And in 2008 we gave PS3,000 to The Jessie May Trust in Wiltshire so Mark and Lucie Morrison could get vital respite as they cared for their incurably ill six-year-old daughter Daisy Mae in Bristol.
The story of the incurably naughty Henry and his well behaved brother Perfect Peter proved a big hit with children.
It's a fresh and interesting reformatting of her 2005 award-winning title The Blue Jean Book, the story of denim's rise from its origins with hardscrabble miners and cowboys to its popularity among labourers, rebels and the incurably hip.
New Delhi, July 1 -- Sanjoy Narayan has a day job as Hindustan Times' Editor-in-Chief but he's incurably addicted to discovering new music via the Internet.
There is something for everyone here, from the incurably nostalgic to the adrenaline junkie.
He worked among the homeless in the soup kitchens, he looked after neglected children and he nursed many incurably sick until the very last moments of their life.
Basics KEATS wrote the letter in 1820 when he was incurably ill with consumption.
It's all about Shagaret el-Dorr, the wife of Egypt's Middle Ages ruler Najm Eddin Ayoub, who conspired to seize the country's throne after her husband fell incurably ill.
The inferior man hates it, but there is too much envy mixed with this hatred, in the land of the theoretically free, for him to want to destroy it utterly, or even to wound it incurably.
But the real reason may just be that Italians are incurably insular.
A new report says lack of palliative care is devastating children in Kenya, placing an even heavier burden on families whose children are incurably ill.
At present, compassionately assisting a terminally ill or incurably suffering person to die is illegal in the United Kingdom.