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Synonyms for incumbrance

a charge against property (as a lien or mortgage)


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Nay, sir,' rejoined Miss Twinkleton, rising with a gracious condescension: 'say not incumbrance.
Louis, to fetch his family, whom he had left behind; but he seemed in no great hurry to bring on these incumbrances, for when we moved away, he loitered back into the cabin, and was plainly bent on stopping there so long as his money lasted.
These smalls,' said Dennis, rubbing his legs; 'these very smalls-- they belonged to a friend of mine that's left off sich incumbrances for ever: this coat too--I've often walked behind this coat, in the street, and wondered whether it would ever come to me: this pair of shoes have danced a hornpipe for another man, afore my eyes, full half-a-dozen times at least: and as to my hat,' he said, taking it off, and whirling it round upon his fist--'Lord
John doesn't find me interesting any longer, so he leaves his faded wife and goes to see his pretty neighbor, who has no incumbrances.
homestead interest subject to that incumbrance, and that interest is
Even though Miller thought they "would be a great incumbrance to our establishment," Wight "persisted in taking them," explaining that "they had to be cared for and fed" and also that they "would earn their living by cooking, washing and mending for the men, and making their clothes, etc.
If the land is subject to a mortgage or other incumbrance, details should be given, e.
A Fortune from Incumbrance clear, About a Hundred Pounds a Year; A House not small, built warm and neat, Above a Hut, below a Seat.
During his incumbrance he has actually presided over a 30% increase in council taxes, always citing the same, old tired argument about deprivation, whilst failing to acknowledge it is not areas but people who are deprived and that means anyone, in any ward of the town.
A democratick society will soon find its morals the incumbrance of its race, the surly companion of its licentious joys.
The Tiffany treatise unqualifiedly endorses the Finley line of cases, (59) stating, "A purchaser is, it appears, ordinarily charged with notice of an incumbrance upon the property created by an instrument which is of record, although the primary purpose of such instrument is, not the creation of such incumbrance, but the conveyance of neighboring property.
This difference in the species is no doubt imputable in no small degree to the greater quantity of bone in the Right Whale; his Venetian blinds alone sometimes weighing more than a ton; from this incumbrance the Sperm Whale is wholly free.
In 1906 and 1907 Congress added riders to the Indian Appropriation acts that removed restrictions to the sale, incumbrance, or taxation of allotments held by adult "mixed-bloods" of the White Earth Reservation.
Within this policy framework, teachers who are themselves well educated or skilled, those who have a significant amount of education and professional training, are an un-needed and costly incumbrance.