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Synonyms for incumbency

the holding of something, such as a position

Synonyms for incumbency

a duty that is incumbent upon you

the office of an incumbent

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" Our campaign was not up to the mark, there was anti- incumbency and that clearly showed in Delhi.
The Congress believes that the anti- incumbency wave against the party is strong in the Rohtak constituency.
The 2013 Assembly elections proved to be the Congress's waterloo as the party faced double incumbency -- for being in power both at the Centre and in the state.
If the political experts are to be believed the biggest apprehension for the ruling BJP remains the anti- incumbency factor, and the anxiety perhaps magnifies with the large voting percentage.
" We will be able to defuse the strong anti- incumbency wave only if we are going to target the tallest figure of Opposition party.
Meanwhile commenting on the agenda for the upcoming elections, Jaitley added that apart from the anti incumbency factor, the Congress's scorecard also was too tarnished for voters to trust it again.
The doctor- turned- politician, who concluded his Vikas Yatra last month, during which he touched almost every constituency, is confident that his development works as chief minister would negate the anti- incumbency factor in the upcoming Assembly polls.
THE contest in Rajasthan is evenly poised as the BJP's Vasundhara Raje is leaving no stone unturned to cash in on anti- incumbency factors against Ashok Gehlot government.
Sushil, who was deputy chief minister in the Nitish government before he was sacked unceremoniously on June 16, said there was a strong anti- incumbency wave against Nitish.
We saw cases where the power of incumbency determined elections in the past.
As for the MMM list of paintings, the Marcoses said that nothing in the document suggests that the paintings were in their possession, nor was it unlawfully acquired during their incumbency.
Fair's model has found growth rates of gross domestic production and inflation are the most important economic predictors, along with incumbency, to assist in determining outcomes of presidential elections.
The NAB had demanded record of appointments from Utility Corporation of Pakistan during the incumbency of Wattoo as federal minister, sources said.
"In any case, granting that the Court may take judicial notice of the accused-movant's years of incumbency as ARMM governor, the same does not necessarily result in his automatic exculpation, given the existence of documents relating to the subject transactions which were allegedly signed by him during his incumbency," the Third Division said.