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Synonyms for incumbency

the holding of something, such as a position

Synonyms for incumbency

a duty that is incumbent upon you

the office of an incumbent

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Under this part of the Constitution, the President assumes temporary incumbency from the date of the first vote in a presidential election until when the newly elected President assumes office.
However," the report adds, "the advantages of incumbency at county level were evidently to the benefit of both political camps.
Incumbency refers to the difficulty in changing a system where the rules and structures are in the control of those who stand to benefit from them.
The court noted that Belgica's logic-that the Ombudsman may be charged with disbarment during her incumbency, but the penalty may only be imposed after her term ends-is faulty,' Te told reporters.
To help partners plan their growth and protect their investments, Dell EMC launched the LOB Incumbency for Storage programme in October 2016.
The measure provides that it shall be unlawful for any head of agencies of government to run for any elective posts in the elections immediately succeeding their incumbency regardless of tenure and severance from office.
Besides the strong anti- incumbency, Congress managers also have to factor in the political challenge in the form of a resurgent Shiv Sena- BJP combine.
He has not even gone through the first year of his five-year tenure, and yet his incumbency has got him a spate of public censure.
But the victor will enter the race next year with a key advantage: four months of incumbency.
The essays cover whether constitutions matter; divided government versus incumbency externality; incumbency, party identification, and governmental lead; when population thresholds can be trusted; and whether creditors discipline local governments.
As a result, the literature on the political economy of incumbency is a rich one, dating at least as far back as to the seminal work of Mayhew (1974).
ISLAMABAD -- The newly elected government of PML-N, before its incumbency has issued notices to Pakistani ambassadors accredited to 15 countries around the world and sought their resignations.
Therefore political development of Nigeria has been going at a snail speed not only due to frequent military incursion in government but also due to many other impediments which include ethnicity, incumbency politics, tenure elongation, godfatherism and poor political orientation The paper which is theoretical and persuasive examined all these factors critically and recommended among other things that National Assembly should pass a law to make elective office a single tenure.
An extra date has been added to their run at Wembley making it an eight day incumbency, the longest ever for a single act.