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Synonyms for inculpate

to cause to appear involved in or guilty of a crime or fault

Synonyms for inculpate

suggest that someone is guilty

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(61) The court then reasoned that with regard to DNA evidence, the primary analyst in some way inculpates the defendant.
seems to take the view that encouragement by omission had to be intentional to inculpate accessories.
According to Politis, police pointed out to the woman, who had been Sizopoulos's associate until last May, that her claims could inculpate her in the case under investigation, but she insisted on her story.
(129) In other words, the purpose is to exonerate a Soldier of any wrongdoing as much as it is to inculpate a particular Soldier for a drug-related offense.
Between 2005 and 2008, Ben Jeddo said that he was "indeed made offers," to inculpate Sayyed.
to serve to inculpate L, who mistakenly thinks that he is committing an
There is a growing body of evidence to show that HIV finds fertile ground where stigma, discrimination and violence keep key populations--whose sexual orientation, sexual practices or gender identities cross socially-accepted norms--in the shadows (4,5); where gender-based violence undermines a woman's ability to negotiate safer sex (6); where traditional practices, such as child marriage, leave girls and adolescent women vulnerable to HIV transmission (7); where young people are denied access to comprehensive sexuality education (8); where condoms are condemned by authorities, or inculpate those who use them (9); and where contraception, sterilization and abortion are imposed on women living with HIV.
If he did, but there was nothing further to inculpate the accused, the evidence will fall short unless the accused had "exclusive opportunity" to commit the offence and could not explain what had occurred.
| medoramen inculpate tutele B1, B2 | moderamen inculpatae tutelae B3 (b) moderate] [begin strikethrough][ ?
It will depend on what it is an agent has been assigned to do by his principal, and an overreaching may very well inculpate the principal.
This can be a bitter pill for courts to swallow, since states may have political reasons for seeking to inculpate certain disfavored states or individuals, to immunize or protect allies, and to use international criminal justice processes as bargaining chips in conflict settings.
"The investigation did not reveal any evidence either oral or documentary to inculpate Anil Ambani in the structuring of different companies and transfer of funds," the agency said in its status report submitted to the Supreme Court on September 29.