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The sole purpose of the South Asian Head Bob was to the leave the head-bobber, in this case Dharma, completely inculpable for his behavior.
A strong emphasis on the universal salvific will of God led Catholic theologians to elaborate a doctrine of "pure nature," in which is offered for the salvation of people '"whose lack of explicit Christian faith was inculpable" an imperfect "beatitude." Ultimately, the doctrine ended up in a kind of two-story view of the world, with a self-sufficient "natural" world at the bottom and an added "supernatural" world at the top.
(107) It seems inconceivable that those intensely involved in Catholic-Jewish relations could ever speak, as does D'Costa, of Jews as in a state of "inculpable ignorance." (108)
MATT SOKOLOSKI, "Divine Hiddenness and the Challenge of Inculpable Nonbelief." Adviser: Thomas Senor.
Women are not inculpable; they often enforce sexual violence to preserve the faith.
But there is a further complication: if one is inculpable of sins due to repression, a therapy that overcomes repression will therefore restore culpability when its work is complete.