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Synonyms for inculcate

Synonyms for inculcate

to fix (an idea, for example) in someone's mind by reemphasis and repetition

to instruct in a body of doctrine or belief

Synonyms for inculcate

teach and impress by frequent repetitions or admonitions

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Imphal (Manipur) [India], Mar 16 ( ANI ): Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday stressed on the necessity to inculcate a scientific temper among the youth.
ISLAMABAD -- The sports activities are very much crucial for a healthy society which not only promotes environment of competition but also inculcates the spirit to counter tough situation.
Abu Dhabi: A statue of Mahatma Gandhi, India's Father of the Nation, newly installed at a community centre in the capital will help inculcate the great leader's values in youngsters, a top Indian diplomat said.
Speaking on the occasion, the IGP Islamabad said that sports activities are very much crucial for a healthy society which not only promotes environment of competition but also inculcate spirit to counter tough situation.
Professor Tauseef Ahmed Khan, in his turn, said that along with the promotion of education, there was a need to inculcate a scientific way of thinking in the average citizen.
Education and training integration will indeed inculcate the new generation with the core attributes, vital for producing an innovative workforce.
TNN Doha DPS-Modern Indian School (DPS-MIS) is hosting the third edition of TEDxYouth to foster ideas worth sharing and to inculcate a spirit of initiative and collaboration among its students.
It's so important to inculcate that sense of confidence in the girls around you.
The said division will provide guidelines and trainings for inculcating and strengthening of the service culture in the bank, conduct customer satisfaction surveys, inculcate competition for service culture among field functionaries, reduce complaints through effective management and resolution within minimum possible time, define service standards and improve turnaround time for various levels of service.
We will inculcate in the beneficiaries the need to change attitude by integrating Saemaul Undong (New Village Movement) concept which we call the I Love Quirino Movement, inculcating the value of diligence, self-help, cooperation and respect for the law, Cua concluded.
The theme was chosen for two reasons - one, to spread awareness and two, to inculcate the thought process in young minds from an early age.
The participants were apprised that aims & objectives of the newly planned course is to ensure the training of medical / dental students in Bio-psychosocial model of health care, to equip the medical / dental students in the use of Behavioral Sciences principles to enhance their learning skills and help them to become active learner, to train the medical / dental students in the art and science of effective communication with patients and their families, to create a sensitivity and understanding of the psychosocial aspects of health, to inculcate highest standards of medical / dental ethics and character building drawing from the rich medical / dental, cultural and religious heritage.
Speaking on the occasion, Fan Yunjun said, "At Zong, we believe that outdoor activities and a bonding time apart from work is extremely important to inculcate a well-balanced personality in our employees.
We need to inculcate the basic values of our culture in our youth.
WWF-Pakistan's Eco Internship Programme is an annual activity that aims to enable students to generate an insight into the eco-dynamics and challenges of the ecosystem, broaden students' scope as a responsible custodian of valuable natural resources, inculcate a sense of civic responsibility in students and give them the opportunity to become an official Ambassador of WWF-Pakistan and solicit support of individual members.