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grow under conditions that promote development

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SCCI has launched its Incubate Business Programme in February for the purpose of providing a start-up stage for initiatives to strengthen entrepreneurship and accommodating creative innovators and entrepreneurs, who possess creative ideas, empowering them to achieve their visions, transform their insights to distinct hands-on projects for sustainable development and to contribute in know-how knowledge-based economy.
Her urge to incubate was more pressing than fearing us or for the new location of eggs in a dry place.
Humboldt penguins pair for life and will lay eggs in the same nesting boxes year-on-year, with both the male and female taking it in turns to incubate eggs for between 40-42 days, as well as sharing food-finding duties when the chick is born.
If you already have a laying flock and one of your hens becomes broody, she can incubate her own eggs, or you can place fertile eggs obtained elsewhere in her nest, and she will do her best to hatch them.
In fact, dad gulps his mate's eggs to protect and incubate them, using heat from his mouth to help eggs develop.
We have to find a way to incubate, nurture and integrate individual talent into a format.
MIAMI -- Incubate Miami is today announcing its fall technology startup accelerator program.
Keeper Luke Millar said: "Unfortunately, the parents decided not to build a nest or incubate the eggs, so we stepped in and rescued one and are hopeful of hand rearing it.
He eats nothing, dropping as much as 50 percent of his body weight--all to incubate (hatch) the egg containing his offspring.
KCMH is currently in negotiation to incubate two, cutting-edge, green-energy companies that feature investment grade clients and revenue streams.