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Synonyms for incrustation

the formation of a crust


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a hard outer layer that covers something

a decorative coating of contrasting material that is applied to a surface as an inlay or overlay

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Paul's Rocks, non-volcanic -- Singular Incrustations -- Insects the first Colonists of Islands -- Fernando Noronha -- Bahia -- Burnished Rocks -- Habits of a Diodon -- Pelagic Confervae and Infusoria -- Causes of discoloured Sea.
The total area of the development plan for the incrustation to be provided after the construction work is approximately 35 000 m.
During incrustation process, the company used scarification with concentrated (98%) sulfuric acid ([H.
Lesions were more concentrated around ears (132/132) with papular or pustular eruptions, exudation, excoriation, incrustation, alopecia, de-pigmentation and nodules.
Mais la grande nouveaute dans ces locaux d'abattage de poulets, connus auparavant des citoyens pour leur existence paisible en dehors des zones urbaines, ou sur les abords des routes des localites rurales ou reculees, consiste dans leur incrustation, sans crier gare, en pleine zone urbaine, ou carrement dans le perimetre de nombreuses habitations, representant ainsi un autre facteur de degradation de l'environnement et du milieu urbain.
Ureteral stent encrustation, incrustation, and coloring Morbidity related to indwelling times.
Ce qui m'a beaucoup plu dans cette recherche, c'est cette aventure de tester toute matiere et differents supports, incrustation d'objets de recuperation pour convaincre une oeuvre d'Art.
However, she insisted that "even though the lethargy caused by the incrustation of corruption through wasta is hard to overcome, the task is not impossible.
The 29cm-long reclining female figure carved by the so-called Schuster Master dates from around 2,400 BC, and still exhibits a thin layer of calcarous incrustation typical of Cycladic marble sculpture that has not been over-cleaned (Fig.
The first agreement envisages the testing of the polyelectrolyte hydrocarbon gel for seeds incrustation Gisinar in Iran.
THIS beautiful glass plaque is an example of a technique sometimes referred to as a cameo incrustation, but known more commonly as a sulphide.
It is not known whether such copper incrustation interferes with the performance of a painting system.
Research in recent years has shown that a good deal of eye irritation and eyelid infections begin with incrustation of the eyelids around the eyelashes.
Mr Hall, who runs the Meliden Road sub-post office incrustation, said: "Our members found this insane, absolutely outrageous.
Suitable for a variety of applications, from weld preparation to pipework incrustation, plastic and oil removal to cleaning steel and GRP containers, the Aquabrade operates in shallow water down to 10 m.