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Synonyms for incriminate



Synonyms for incriminate

to make an accusation against

to cause to appear involved in or guilty of a crime or fault

Synonyms for incriminate

suggest that someone is guilty

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A source said: "The cops are interested in texts that could incriminate him.
A source said: "The police are interested in texts that could incriminate him.
Summary: The fate of a housemaid who killed a four-month-old baby in a bid to incriminate her workmate is to be decided next week.
I understood that under criminal law, I did not have to incriminate myself and tell the police that I was the driver.
THE British Government announced plans in 1988 to change the law regarding a suspect's right to remain silent so that remaining silent could incriminate rather than protect a suspect.
"They claimed I also have leaked documents related to antiquities' smuggling, that would incriminate [Former Chief of Staff] Zakariya Azmy, [Former President Hosni Mubarak's son] Gamal and [former spy-chief and vice-president] Omar Suleiman," he added.
As Tamimi's trial draws to an end, his lawyer's closing arguments accused Israeli authorities of having knowingly abused the minors' rights in order to incriminate his client.
The lawyer believed that the evidence collected so far against his client was not enough to incriminate him.
Judge Peter Thornton told Pc Simon Harwood: "I'm sure that you know and no doubt will have been advised that you are not obliged to answer any question tending to incriminate you.
According to the Sydney Morning Herald, Louise Stoddart won the rights last week after she claimed for it saying that as his wife she would be entitled to claim 'spousal privilege,' which guarantees the right to a married person not to incriminate his or her partner.
Whether I did it or not--I shall not incriminate myself.
This may incriminate Shaik, proving that he was using his position as Mr Zuma's financial advisor for corrupt ends.
Involving her two best friends in the excitement, D'Arcy pursues the story while trying to find the missing mother, incriminate the boyfriend and protect the unfortunate classmate.
'While preparing to seek Hyde compensation, Knott found evidence suggesting that agents not only concealed data but falsified pH tests in order to incriminate him.