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increasing gradually by regular degrees or additions

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Among smaller states, Mizoram ranks first followed by Manipur on overall performance while Tripura followed by Manipur are the top ranked states in terms of annual incremental performance.
This kind of borrowing, known as using incremental debt, has been rampant this year.
The incremental debt will increase LVS' gross leverage to 2.4x from 2.2x for the LTM period ending March 31, 2018.
Net loss decreased to USD 27.4 million, down 34% from Q1 2017, primarily due to the USD 19.3 million accounting impact of incremental net income.
Designed under different 'Saving' slabs, the offer rewards customers that have an incremental balance of AED 100,000 with five grams of gold.
When possible, information was compared across studies about the modeling technique, the cost perspective, the measures of benefit used, and incremental cost-effectiveness ratios.
'So mababawasan yung babayaran natin, 10 percent na lang yung VAT rate na babayaran and yet yung incremental revenue mas tatatas pa.
As a DBA, you need to know the difference between a full image copy backup and an incremental image copy backup and implement the proper image copy backup strategy based on application needs and database activity.
The purpose of this study was to verify the relationship between the anaerobic threshold (AT) identified through blood lactate concentrations [Lac] between incremental protocols performed on the treadmill (TE) and the leg press 45[degrees] (LP 45[degrees]).
In stream data mining, a preprocessing task like data reduction needs the support of incremental clustering [2, 3].
A land transfer agreement through an incremental treaty with British Columbia supports cultural, social and economic opportunities for the Haisla Nation.
We have planned to invest five per cent of our incremental deposits in ETFs during this fiscal,"Central provident fund commissioner K.
Posital (Hamilton, NJ) has introduced new models of its IXARC magnetic encoders that combine incremental and absolute rotation measurement capabilities in a single, compact, and robust package.
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