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in an incredulous manner

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The diners accepted the revelation in various ways--some incredulously, some with congratulations; others turned upon her the stream of badinage that had hitherto been directed at Aileen alone.
"Can't you see the ice is melting already?" a cop asks, incredulously, of a couple of numskulls who recently lost their vehicle, having narrowly escaped by swimming out the hatchback.
"You said WHA" I exclaimed incredulously. "You said WHAT to my teacher?" "Said you called her a dolly bird," he responded, by now almost helpless with mirth.
I just asked her incredulously if she wanted to play Monopoly," one showroom employee was quoted as saying.
These included some members of the cabinet and ruling party themselves, while others including, incredulously, the minister of state for climate change sought to justify the decidedly non-green initiative.
"People put jam first?" he asks, incredulously. "That's like putting conditioner on your hair first.
Incredulously, however, one must also recognise the timing on the economic front.
Rathi said: "Even the local food store owner [in China] will look at you incredulously if you try to pay with cash."
'It sounds like a syndrome where they are just making conversation so they don't have to say goodbye?' I asked a little incredulously. 'Absolutely!' said the mind doctor, 'It's not just hating to part, but hating to part to go home with you?' 'Why?' I whispered looking crestfallen, 'What wrong have I done?'
24 -- How would you feel if you landed on the moon, opened the lander's hatch with bated breath, walked out incredulously only to find a big tag sprouting from the lunar surface, reading, "Made in China"?
"The entire island?" I said incredulously. But Lou just nodded with a satisfied smile on her face.
My dad looked at me incredulously: "Is there not just a switch?" "Trust me," I told him.
I discreetly remember a reporter asking a close relative of one of the massacred child, 'Have you not found the body of your child?' and the man replied incredulously all the while being tremendously shocked at the absurdity of the question, 'Yes I have received the body, it's in the hospital.
When we added that the artiste claimed they demanded Sh200k each for their services, he said incredulously, "How?