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Synonyms for incredulous

Synonyms for incredulous

refusing or reluctant to believe

Antonyms for incredulous

not disposed or willing to believe

References in classic literature ?
The believers were depressed by this practical observation of the incredulous.
The Sheik's eyes blazed, and he called his men to approach the shore and hide among the bushes that they might ambush and annihilate Malbihn and his party; but Malbihn already had landed and crawling through the fringe of jungle was at that very moment looking with wide and incredulous eyes upon the scene being enacted in the street of the deserted village.
My life is shaken to its roots; sleep has left me; the deadliest terror sits by me at all hours of the day and night; and I feel that my days are numbered, and that I must die; and yet I shall die incredulous.
That there really was something could not be doubted, and the incredulous were invited to put their finger on the wound of the Scotia.
But the incredulous Stuart was not convinced, and when the hand was finished, said eagerly: "You have a strange way, Ralph, of proving that the world has grown smaller.
I remember vividly the flickering light, his queer, broad head in silhouette, the dance of the shadows, how we all followed him, puzzled but incredulous, and how there in the laboratory we beheld a larger edition of the little mechanism which we had seen vanish from before our eyes.
Besides, you can tell them that you have full confidence in me, and they will not be more incredulous than you.
It is the declaration of Cardinal Spada, and the will so long sought for," replied Edmond, still incredulous.
His companions urged him to mount, but in vain; he was incredulous and obstinate.
repeated the woman, with an incredulous smile; "monsieur, you are not so young as to pay any duty on a pocket-handkerchief
I watched it with incredulous and fascinated awe, as one watches the confused, swift movements of some deed of violence done in the dark.
The polite Captain seemed incredulous and as if weary.
Vernon, surprized and incredulous, knew not what to suspect, and, without any change in her own views, only feared greater difficulty in accomplishing them.
The proof that this is the genuine spot where Noah was buried can only be doubted by uncommonly incredulous people.
Seeing and hearing the doctor soon inspired everybody with such confidence that, in a very short time, there was no one, excepting the incredulous Scotchman, on the steamer who had the least doubt of the perfect feasibility and success of the expedition.