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Synonyms for increasingly



Synonyms for increasingly

advancing in amount or intensity

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So the dream increased in rapture every hour, as Mr Dorrit felt increasingly sensible that this connection had brought him forward indeed.
Within the last few months it became increasingly plain to me that Sir Charles's nervous system was strained to the breaking point.
His wife had never shown any jealousy of Mattie, but of late she had grumbled increasingly over the house-work and found oblique ways of attracting attention to the girl's inefficiency.
In fact, among the lower orders of Caspakian man the female breast is but a rudimentary organ, barely suggested in the apes and Alus, and only a little more defined in the Bo-lu and Sto-lu, though always increasingly so until it is found about half developed in the females of the spear-men; yet never was there an indication that the females had suckled young; nor were there any young among them.
But the dead pressure of English was increasingly strong, and by the end of the fourteenth century and of Chaucer's life French had chiefly given way to it even at Court.
I would no doubt have been properly horrified, had it not occurred to me that he and his chaps must be very hungry: that they must have been growing increasingly hungry for at least this month past.
But I believe that in the era of technological leaps, in the era of abundant information and misinformation, the press is increasingly needed
Each of these nations has enormous technical capacity and great potential energy resources; our economies, ecosystems and populations are increasingly intertwined.
At the same time, the increasingly ephemeral nature of digital geospatial content will make even more critical the need to address the long-term digital preservation challenges that are facing geospatial content.
Now seventy-six, he is increasingly viewed as a has-been religious right leader in his dotage, prone to say bizarre and offensive things.
What's good for the environment is good for the bottom line" is an increasingly common sentiment in the business community.
If anything, the Religious Right has undue influence over the White House, Congress and, increasingly, the federal courts.
As a result, the IRS has gone from an agency that five years ago, in the wake of the 1998 IRS Restructuring and Reform Act, was either too intimidated or distracted to pursue audits and investigations to an agency that today is increasingly, and sometimes surprisingly, aggressive in its efforts to find, punish, and thereby deter what it considers to be noncompliant taxpayers.
The Middle-Class City offers a 'case study' in middle-class Philadelphians' efforts to order their city according to Victorian ideas of rationality, and to maintain their physical and cultural spaces in the face of challenges created by growth, an increasingly diverse population, and the erosion of the borders between classes.
In doing so, Allen casually endorses a highly controversial view of this event as having being provoked by the ideas of another recently murdered Dutchman, conservative politician Pim Fortuyn, and by the supposed adoption of an increasingly xenophobic worldview in a country known for its tolerance and multiculturalism.
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