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characterized by integrity or probity

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While the legend on the Melville family's coat of arms is indeed tantalizing, still, as seems ever the caution, the tone Melville discerned in "Denique Coelum" lies hidden beneath the monumental stone of his own ambiguities, which, like that balancing rock beneath which Pierre placed his head, teetered between corruption and incorruption, fetor and attar, potatoes and roses.
Baptism is at once a death and a new birth, a washing-away of sin and the gift of the living water promised by Christ, the grace of forgiveness and regeneration in the Spirit, a stripping-off of our mortality and a clothing with the robe of incorruption. The baptismal font is the "tomb" from which the new-born Christian rises, and, as the place of our incorporation into the life of the church, the "womb" and "mother" of the Christian, the pool of the divine light of the Spirit, the well-spring of immortality, the gate of heaven, entry into the kingdom of God, cleansing, seal, bath of regeneration and bridal chamber.
He used the example of natural growth, showing how something buried in the ground eventually sprouts, grows and flourishes: "The body is sown in corruption, it is raised in incorruption. It is sown in dishonour, it is raised in glory.
O grave, where is thy victory?' imagines a rapture of the future and, as the preceding verse makes clear, is governed by a grammar of wish fulfilment: `So when this corruptible shall have put on incorruption, and this mortal shall have put on immortality, then shall be brought to pass the saying that is written, Death is swallowed up in victory' (verse 54, my italics).
Morning by morning incorruption Puts on corruption; nervously Wave creeps in and lingers over Tideswept heaps where the fly breeds: Memory flows where all is tainted, Death with life and life with death.
Similarly, Thomas of Cantimpre in De apibus explicitly links the possibility of reanimation to the incorruption of the corpse (though again with his characteristic demonic interpretation): "[The animation of a dead body by a demon] is not possible for long, for the body is fluid by nature, and cannot preserve the necessary vigour without an enlivening spirit.
These two aspects of incorruption are interconnected in Gregory's thought, as we will see from his understanding of how virginity relates to generation.
Instantly, it is raised, transfigured; the corruptible has put on incorruption. Henceforth it is an object of beauty, however base its origin and neighborhood....
Believe that he could, all the more, have begotten a true Son from his substance and could have one substance with his true Son, without any loss of spiritual incorruption and utterly removed from carnal corruption.
Writing to her father, Jane professes her innocence, acknowledges having offended the queen, and welcomes death: "to me there is nothing that can be more welcome, than from this vale of miserie to aspire to that heavenly throne of all joy and pleasure with Christ our Savior." In the letter to her sister, reportedly written the night before her execution, Jane anticipates being "delivered of this corruption, and put[ting] on incorruption" confident that she will "winne an immortall life" despite her treason conviction.
trans., 1995) ("If corruption attaches to all intercourse, and incorruption is characteristic of chastity, the rewards of chastity cannot belong to marriage.").
Sin reversed this intention: "Original sinne hath induced this corruption and incineration upon us; If wee had not sinned in Adam, mortality had not put on immortality, (as the Apostle speakes) nor corruption had not put on incorruption [sic], but we had had our transmigration from this to the other world, without any mortality, any corruption at all" (Sermons 10:236).
In taking up our vulnerability and openness to suffering, Andrew argues, Jesus laid aside the immortality that was his by right as Son of God and entered the realm of the dead, "so that we might escape the bonds that awaited us there and might pass over to the realm of incorruption....
(22) A final stage of human history will be that of eschatological judgment in which the Antichrist, who recapitulates in himself the history of sin will be thrown into the "lake of fire," (23) the wicked will be destroyed, and the just vindicated and "crowned with incorruption." (24) Irenaeus maintains his emphasis on the historicity of salvation even in an eschatological context by insisting, on the basis of Isaian and other biblical passages, on a millennial kingdom in which the righteous will enjoy a paradisaical restoration of justice and material prosperity.
It is incorruption not dictatorship that propelled the Asian Tiger economies into the First World.Under social democracy, Scandinavian countries have developed and made themselves the happiest societies in the world.