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Synonyms for incorruptibility

the quality of being honest

Antonyms for incorruptibility

the incapability of being corrupted

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In addition to incorruptibility of their bodies, God gifted others with biological manifestations that are akin only to the living.
In Wayne, Ford had found the perfect vehicle for the transmission of his Western archetype characterized by staunch individualism, self-reliance--often the underdog--and incorruptibility, the essence of a pre-modern America.
For example, Kant rejects the view that the soul's substantiality and simplicity imply the soul's permanence, incorruptibility, and immortality, with him opting instead for a view of the soul being a simple substance able to ground mental states.
It could be argued, of course, that the proffered image of London is a whitewash: the capital, we learn, while not entirely 'without squalidness', is remarkably free from organised depravity, 'largely due to the stolid incorruptibility of an underpaid police force'.
Imbued with an old fashioned sense of incorruptibility, she is a fascinating historical figure and worthy of the book's final biography.
The sharpness of his intellectual powers was legendary, as was his photographic memory, superb command of detail, independence of judgement, honesty and incorruptibility.
More modern views suggest that it is because incense remembers a time when burnt sacrifices were a part of religious expression, that it symbolizes the incorruptibility of God (the resin that is burned will never go bad), or that through the transformation of resin to smoke, it illustrates the transformation from body to soul.
But his personal incorruptibility and his belief in the supremacy of the will of the people were never in doubt.
The nova of 1572 had already excited interest since the failure to observe parallax indicated that it was among the fixed stars and, therefore, directly threatened the Aristotelian notion of the immutability and incorruptibility of the heavens.
e-governance can bring transparency accountability and incorruptibility in the systems to improve effectiveness of public services and ultimately restore the trust of the people in their government which is the key to better public services hence a better Pakistan.
Yet as far as the personal incorruptibility, as St.
The government is making efforts to base its policies on GNH while putting emphasis on corporate ethics integrity and incorruptibility of the leadership.
4 (SUNA)- The Speaker of the National Assembly, Dr Al Fatih Izzul Din, on Thursday received a delegation representing the Board of the Muslim Scholars, led by Professor Mohamed Osman Salih, and reviewed with them a number of questions within the lofty role the Board plays in the field of dawa, orientation and incorruptibility.
You, leading to incorruptibility did not distance yourself from this corruptible world.
His simple lifestyle, his pragmatic, hands-on approach to the city's many problems, and his sheer incorruptibility won him a national reputation, and he easily won election as governor of Jakarta, Indonesia's huge, dysfunctional capital city, in 2012.